Monday, May 31, 2010

the difficult I'll do right now, the impossible will take a little while

I originally visited Reiko for the lucky boards:

Shopping,Japan,Second Life,Japanese,EGL,dollies

because I wanted to stalk them on occasion, being as I likely could not afford to buy the dresses in the non-lucky versions.

I have to state formally, I was wrong. And pleased and happy to admit so!

Second Life,doll,shopping,Japan,Japanese,EGL

First off, when you walk in, there are six dresses for free, plus a nifty little black-veiled hat.

Then there are the dresses themselves.

Second Life,shopping,EGL,Japan,Japanese,tartan,school,dollies

These come with the dress featured, in either red or green tartan (check the large picture for the green version), the shoes, the socks, and the small beret. For fifty Lindens, and that is not her sale price, that is her everyday price.

Second Life,doll,shopping,Japan,Japanese,EGL

These could pass for Victorian young person (there's two more shown in the larger image).

Shopping,Second Life,EGL,dollies,Japan,Japanese

These are definitely dollie outfits, and they come with the pantaloons, the bonnet, the cuffed socks, and I believe also come with the shoes. For--you guessed it--fifty Lindens, in white and pink (shown on the larger pic) and white and blue.

Not on the same topic, but I do have to state another intractable opinion on the blog:

Second Life,wtf,oddity,avatar

I know, me, opinionated? Everyone's so shocked.

But seriously--if your name is ho Starflare, you are NOT ALLOWED to go ANYWHERE as a child av.

Second Life,wtf,oddity,avatar

Especially if your concept of child-appropriate clothing includes tattoo layers, a ripped bra, Daisy Dukes of doom, and that much makeup.

Unless the look you're after is actually "Thai child prostitute", in which case, you've captured the look perfectly. Might need longer nails, maybe. And even most of them wear short skirts, not denim cut-offs.

Though--since I had my settings at 'show everything' instead of my usual chat/controls/HUDs off settings--check out the bit of preserved conversation in the lower left, in the larger image.

Fellow came in to the Solace Beach sales office. He wanted a house. We don't do that, we sell real estate for homes, but I tried to help him, and the first thing I did--the first thing I always do with these questions--was point him towards XStreet.

He honestly thought XStreet homes were only for mainland parcels.

I have two questions:

1. Who's telling newcomers that XStreet only sells goods for the mainland?

2. Who's telling people Solace Beach sells prefab homes?

Finally, I want to tell everyone, there's a new Radio Riel station, their fifth broadcast stream (and I'll be changing the music page and the in-world notecard I still give out to people to reflect this). It's called Reverie, and, while it's designed for stream play in Winterfell (and it will become Luctus Isle's standard stream the next time I'm home), anyone can use it to listen to medieval, pagan, and Celtic music and events.

Solace Beach,commercial,Second Life,shopping,building,prims
(Good Day Sunshine sim before the repaving gig.)

For the past three weeks, whenever I have time, I have been building sidewalks on a commercial sim. This has taken so long because I'm basically figuring out techniques on the ground--I've been building for three years in SL, I'm not perfect by a long shot, but I think I can say I'm a good basic builder. But mostly, I align prims by eye; I move textures just enough to meet on the average; that's been good enough.

This is a commercial sim, though. So I've been getting into the math, working with planar textures, making sure textures are as perfectly seamed as I can manage. In a sim with round corners on almost every section, plus some sidewalks are four meters wide, some are eight meters wide, and at least one section is ten by twenty feet wide in a huge rectangle...and most of everything I'm doing, I'm doing in megaprims....It will get easier from here. But the first sim, I won't lie, it's been grueling.

Solace Beach,commercial,Second Life,shopping,building,prims
(Good Day Sunshine sim after the repaving gig.)

Today, Lady Serra announced Reverie, and I flipped it up on the music stream, and three songs later, I had relaxed, and moved from corner to corner, seam to seam, and I managed to complete the final texture matching on a quarter of the sim. It's going well.

And I honestly think I couldn't have done it as well without Reverie. So this is my public thank you, to Radio Riel for consistently being the best at what they do; to Duchess Gabi for deciding Radio Riel could support five public streams; and to Lady Serra for giving her the idea and pushing her to finish it. It's lovely, it really is.

On that, back into SL to match more seams.


Magdalena Kamenev said...

Looking at the inset and larger picture ... that's not a child's face. That doesn't look like a child skin. Does Miss Starflare identify herself as a child av, because just looking at the av, I would not have guessed or treated her as such if I ran into her.

Emilly Orr said...

It might be that she's simply two and a half feet tall, for personal reasons. I don't know; I suppose I could ask.