Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am bound by a fraying rope

Prehistoric siltstone phallus, the world's oldest sex toy, was also used as tool to ignite fires.

I really can't add a thing to that; that's just a stunning headline to ponder. We will move on.

Boing Boing calls this fabulously creepy; sadly, I'm thinking of people who see the world this way all the time.

Plus, what is the remix encouraging? Johnny's new mental assassination abilities means he never has to deal with scary demonically-possessed people? That's...good, then, for Johnny...right?

My number one reason to wander through Horribaubles now and again:

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I rest my case.

Stiv: Em, you on?
emilly.orr: Sort of? I was just leaving the keys, though. What's up?
Stiv: Oh ok
Stiv: Sooooo next semester
Stiv: I might be a TA
Stiv: I am so scared of that

emilly.orr: Why?
Stiv: I feel rather unprepared
emilly.orr: If you're good in that course, it might work out
emilly.orr: Study :p

Stiv: also not the best of moral fiber
emilly.orr: Pff, you think professors are?

I admit, I am actually beginning to enjoy God's brief little diversions into my life. Though his experience of college is more reminiscent of Animal House than The Paper Chase, still, it is amusing. And of his professors has decided to make God a teaching assistant next semester.

The world can begin trembling now, yes.

Stiv: I really consider responsiblity and power to be
Stiv: far
Stiv: far
Stiv: out of my hands for our own good

emilly.orr: Maybe, but how else are you going to learn about power and responsibility?
Stiv: touché

At least God knows his limitations, I suppose, but one wonders--if he was so clear on these limitations, why did someone decide to trust him in the first place?

And to introductory psychology, of all places. Those poor people.

emilly.orr: Think of it this way
emilly.orr: Your school is trusting you with a few minds

Stiv: Actually, it'd be intro psych
emilly.orr: It's not like your planet is trusting you to save them from an alien invasion
Stiv: so more like 200+
emilly.orr: 200 is still few
Stiv: True true

For some reason--maybe it's just me--I get the distinct feeling that Stiv is of the opinion he'd be better suited to battle alien invaders than fellow students. And maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but really, how many minds can he mangle as a TA?

...On second thought, don't answer that.

Stiv: Its strange to have the resposibility of teaching
Stiv: or grading
Stiv: while still in the process of having other seniors and teachers do that to me

emilly.orr: That's the weird affliction of being a TA
emilly.orr: You're sort of the in-between guy

Stiv: The transgendered of the education field
emilly.orr: Well, I think of it more as introduction to middle management, but sure
Stiv: Either way

His allegory deeply puzzles me, but then, you know, God's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma...soaked in alcohol...fingers welded to a PlayStation controller...

emilly.orr: Okay, I have about an hour before the poetry slam, so I gotta finish up with chores and such
emilly.orr: Remember to breathe

Stiv: Thanks, have fun drinking
Stiv: because I dont know what a slam is
Stiv: guessing booze is there

emilly.orr: It's in SL
emilly.orr: So yeah, there's alcohol, it's just annoyingly all virtual

Stiv: Oh what lame
Stiv: drink in RL

emilly.orr: Hey, but there's poetry! And we throw things after
Stiv: Again, I want destruction I can feel with my hands
emilly.orr cackles
emilly.orr: You would

Think he'd like the Poetry Slams, though, not that God exists in SL any more, in any incarnation. Then, there's the other problem of trying to coerce God back into SL...and introducing him to my friends, which is...always somewhat daunting.

Stiv: Speaking of which I found a secret path to the priests dorm here
emilly.orr: Why would you want to....
Stiv: But dont remember that
emilly.orr: Okay
Stiv: And Have A Good Day and poetry fest
emilly.orr: Thanks!

It may be worthwhile to note that God attends a Jesuit college. Then again, mayhap it's not, considering how often he shows up to these chats intoxicated.

I suppose, what the priests don't know...they don't have to answer for later at the hearing? Or something.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is..
People still eat the cows :/

Emilly Orr said...

But they have to go to the party?

Hmm. Maybe it's time to make little cow cakes? They might distract people from the actual cows.