Sunday, July 6, 2008

they say we're young and we don't know--we won't find out until we grow

Another lovely perspective on what the real issues are behind business interest in SL.

And you, too, can get My Little Pink Abomination Pony!

Is your bling failing? Get it recharged for free!



Why is there a dead fish outside the Infamous build in SL Birthday? Inquiring minds want to know.


Tucked in the corner of the Linden display at SL5B, I found this actually quite lovely fountain. It was glimmering and shiny and had sedate water sounds.

Of course, just past it, one can see the ultimate Linden irony: the "Be Transparent and Open" mission statement card.

It had alpha-channel transparency.

Which means it picked up buildings behind it and was largely unreadable, due to the alpha texture glitch. I found this amusing.

Also, the Tao of Linden.

Yeah, okay.

Also? Check out the statue of Philip Linden while you're here.


In SL Prim, you'll find the Story of Singapore. There was a grand and fabulous exhibit on the history of the Singapore River.


Singapore River past...


...and present.

Past the dockside area, under the bridge, was a little wandering courtyard, with tall buildings, and small little eateries, and a fountain.


I don't normally advocate sculpts, or fully-primmed objects, but in this case? It really should have been a sculpt, or a fully-primmed fountain, this lion. As it was, it was two textured prims with transparency, so rotating around it deformed and distended the look they were trying to achieve.


Rentals now available in Jesus.

I'm not kidding, go look at the sign.

This realtor's display was down from the Singapore River installation.

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