Thursday, July 17, 2008

so how can it be that you have shown me the light?

When does the heart grow cold? When do the feelings of others cease to be important? When does indifference and contempt set in?

Or maybe...that has nothing to do with it. Maybe I'm just tired of hiding. I've had a surfeit of shadows. I suffered an excess of the better part of valor. I'm tired of turning down invitations, tired of pulling back, tired of never leaving my home unless it's to go to another home somewhere else. Or to a section of the grid where not only can I not understand the main language spoken, but it makes no better sense when I translate it!

And by all my gods and all my saints, I am tired of him pouting.

And it's time and beyond time for me to get on with my life.


Up soon: more work on clothes. More eyes. More things I've already made in boxes for sale. More work on the store.

Things are happening downstairs, too. Check the store blog for details.

Above all, there will be changes. I keep saying that, but it's never stopped being true. I stopped being a social butterfly and became a cave spider instead.

I want my wings back.

It's a brand new day. It's more than time for me to fly.


Anonymous said...

I bequeath my wings to you, once-love. I do not need them where I am going.

Emilly Orr said...

Where are you going?

Whisper on the wind, uttered so far from the traditional spaces it might not even have been vocal. Thought alone, perhaps, powered by shreds of fading remembrance, affection that remains, yet, in spite of all else.

The old departs, the new begins...may the next reconstruction suffer less, once-love.

Anonymous said...

from first to last
the peak is never passed
something always fires the light that gets in your eyes
one moment high
and glory rolls on by
like a streak of lightning
and thunder that fades
in the summer sky

Emilly Orr said...

*nods and looks thoughtful*

Thought about that a lot, actually. Everything circles round, there are new challenges, new emotions, new things to be experienced, treasured, mourned over, healed from, and adored.

Life is pain, the man says. Life is also change. And change, as I well vital.