Tuesday, July 22, 2008

and it's plain to see, the evil inside of me is on the rise

And then, we went to Benthen Manor. Boy, is there a lot of green in this place. An amazing tonnage of bright acid green--letters, and arrows, and fog, and announcement text...Lots of green. Lots and lots and lots.


You thought I was kidding? LOTS OF GREEN.

The basic layout is simple and familiar; in fact, I'm almost positive we went through this exact same build last October...somewhere. May not have been the same people, but nevertheless.


Seeing my name on the headstone as we walked up to the door was kind of a shock. It even has my rez date. Creepy.

Also, there are sedate little 'for sale' boxes throughout the house and the grounds, I thought that was a nice touch. Ability to buy things, without the 'store' aspect being shoved in our faces. Neat.


It was rather a shock for Fawkes, too, to see his name and rez date appear, after I walked by. We were being sent an ominous message...


"LET ME GO" written in blood on the wall of the house. Nice touch, but the practical side of me had to wonder: if one is bleeding enough to be able to write "LET ME GO" on a wall...I think it's a safe conclusion that one, in fact, will not be released at that point.


Facing down the ghost in the stairwell, absolutely useless (against ghosts, anyway) nailed plank firmly in my grasp. On the plus side, the owners of the property have seen fit to provide such planks, and yes, later on?

We did need them.


Appreciating the web, and the spider in it, and trying to ignore the hissing of the haunts behind me--but it was a very cool spider, and it was a very cool web, for that matter.

Also, the pictures on the wall behind the web? Fade in and out.


Clockwerk, armed and dangerous. The nailed plank was bigger than he was! Still and all, capable iron fighter at my side--he took out more of the zombies than I did!


Pausing for a moment to catch my breath on the couch. I was overjoyed the zombies hadn't come in the house, but the hissing of the ghosts, the repeated low calls to "Get...OUUUUT..." were more than a tad unnerving.


And then zombies came at my face.

All in all, if you remove the zombies from the equation, Bentham Manor is a polite diversion, an amusing use of a short span of time.

Add in the zombies, however, and things get just the merest bit tense and breathless. The nailed plank you hold becomes your only defense, and--



Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

And the SLURL would be?

Emilly Orr said...

I finally figured it out! You don't click links!


Where I said Bentham Manor up there? The link led to this:


which is the SLUrl. :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

The nobility does not deign to click links. They have people to do that sort of thing. :)

(Kidding, Mr. Pearse! Just kidding!)

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Links? *Looks again*

Ah. Now for me, a link is usually not only a different colour text but it is underlined (and my browser settings say "always underline links"). Somehow you've managed to set up your blog so that not only are the links in the same colour text as the rest of the article, they're not underlined.

If you camouflage your links how am I expected to find them?


Emilly Orr said...

*laughing at Miss Jameson*



Actually, they're a different color on my browser, but I grant, there may not be a perceptible difference on your screen between pale pale grey, and pale pale blue. I shall endeavor to correct this. :)