Monday, July 28, 2008

one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Today? I want to talk fashion.


Specifically, shoes. Specifically, the designer Damen Gorilla, of Adam & Eve fame. The shoes (and boots, he has boots now) I spend the bulk of my shoe-clad time in, on the grid.


These are Damen's "Rapture", in Virgin (an ideal wedding white). They have a very subtle, soft shimmer. Bling should never be blinding, and thankfully, Damen understands this. We're so glad he does.

They retail for L$300 and come in six pale pastel tones, currently.


These are the "Miranda" slingbacks, in Crimson. I admit, I've spent most of the last week in one shade or another of these pumps. They retail for L$290 each color, or the whole multipack of twelve can be acquired for L$1160, which is not a bad savings on the per-pair price.


These are "Miranda" again, this time in Calypso, a lovely tone that goes well with blue, green and teal outfits, to pick out different tones in each. Very adaptable shoes.


The "Beatrix" boots--seen here in Meadow--are charmingly designed, start to finish, very vintage, and have the virtue of not looking like any other Victorian/Edwardian boot design on the grid! They retail for L$300 and come in nine other shades. (I chose Meadow because it goes perfectly with Silent Sparrow's "Nymphet" dress in Lolly, I got some months back.)


"Reflections" half-boot in Berry. I love these. If they weren't stiletto heels, I'd be wearing them more often around Caledon. Hells, some floor-brushing gowns? I wear 'em anyway.

Each of the ten shades is bright and glittery and shimmery without the need for bling. Sharp stiletto heels in black adorn each one. They also retail for L$300 a pair--that's generally the range most of Damen's shoes fall into. (The boots, being more work, are slightly higher.)

(By the way, if you like the look of the Reflections line, but don't want the shimmer? Meander your way over to "Bien Fait", a triple-buckled half boot in twelve shades. Again, you save more if you get the multipack for L$2400, but they retail individually for L$300.)


Now, for Caledon-appropriate pumps (which did exist, though most were spool-heels or slides, like the "Flora" line, retailing for L$150 a pair), one simply cannot go wrong with "Bronte". Subtly shaded brocade vamps adorned with an intricate lace detail, they retail for L$175 a pair, or a multipack of all twelve pairs for L$933. And might I mention, while we're here, that--as much as I adore Lassitude and Ennui's boots--I can get all twelve of the Bronte line of pumps, for only slightly more than one pair of L&E boots? That just stuns me, it really does.

Photobucket sucks.

Another shot of the "Miranda" pumps, these in the soft "Babay Blue", which makes me giggle.

(Though I should make a note, simply because it amuses me--this picture was auto-killed upon arrival on PhotoBucket. I don't quite understand how it violates their "no nudity" rule, but I am quite entertained.)


You should definitely check out Adam & Eve. It's worth a trip, whether one's from the mainland or from Caledon.

And keep up the good work, Damen. We'll be watching. And waiting.

Like the slavering shoe addicts we are. :)

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