Monday, July 21, 2008

just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor

The Dark Victorians informed me of an interesting photo HUD for in-world photographers like me, who don't tend towards a ton of off-the-grid processing. AM Radio is selling it exclusively at the Dark Victorians' Emporium, and it retails for L$400. (All proceeds from which, btw, go to pay the tier on Far Away, which in turn is sponsored by Heifer International Charity, which is a very cool international group dedicated to sustainable agriculture and livestock training, in order to end world hunger, and raise the standard of living for everyone.

(Worthy goals, indeed.)

I came to the Emporium to track down the HUD, but was absolutely enchanted with two other offerings: all of Mary Poppin's props (hat, carpetbag, umbrella and her token absinthe bottle) for 600 Lindens, as well as the ability to pick up two dresses, the hair, and a reasonable approximation of the skin...and even better (though spendier), a living, breathing Nightmare to ride. (They charge the modest sum of L$2400 for the upkeep and training of said dread beast.)

Coming to Tanglewoods, of course, one will be dropped off at the central transport point. Just face northwest, and look for the bats.

After traipsing through the lovely horrors at the Dark Victorians' Emporium, I went back briefly to the Carnival of Doom. Nearly within moments of walking in past the ticket booth, a stray falling Ferris tram fell on my head. Of course I died, and went to the waiting room, and after trying to access the other rooms--and being sent back to wait--I gave up, and turned on the music stream.

EASY LISTENING! Hell is not only a waiting room, but it's a waiting room playing Musak versions of "O Danny Boy" and...BARRY MANILOW!


Anyway, so there we were, on this hunt.


The Pirate Kitties store in Silva is having a treasure hunt--but that's where things got odd. First, to get to the hunt, you dive beneath the surface of the small pool to the left of the store entrance, and begin exploring the undersea tunnels that snake under the entire sim.


Miss Neome shifted into a hermit crab, Miss Midnight became a cuttlefish, and Mr. Allen popped Clockwerk into a preservation bubble to jet about. I was feeling rebellious, so I went for the pirate bikini and gills.

My only difficulty was that the other shoe wouldn't attach, so I got the joy of wandering around in two different shoes. Amusingly enough, the Devoted shoes from Solange can be worn with Damen Gorilla's shoe base for his C'mere line of shoes. (Tomorrow's entry, I do believe, shall cover the new shoes recently acquired from Adam & Eve and Damen, in particular.)


We know they have four silver coins--small, partially glowed grey rounds that are surprisingly easy to hide; and we've found all four. We suspect they have four jewels--which are smaller and even more easy to hide, and we've only found three (the diamond, the very tiny emerald, and the ruby). We have no idea if they have four treasure chests, as we've only found two--and they're very large treasure chests that click open to be 'bought'.


It's a surprisingly cute build, even with the whole, mysterious-underground-passages angle. Everything is sunken ships, and cargo crates and barrels, and knotted-rope hammocks, and places to sit and relax in the cool water. And drifting sealife, along with sea flora, to complement everything.

(Note presence of sea monkey in the lower left corner of the above shot, f'rinstance.)


But we're finding ourselves surprisingly stymied by how many items there are to find; whether we've found all the chests, for example, or whether there are two more remaining. That, and understanding the layout of the many twisty-windy passages underneath the sim that all look the same.

Still and all, though, it's surprisingly pretty, and very peaceful, and at the least, it'll go into the landmark list of 'fun places to spend time'...and that list, frankly? Never has enough things on it.

So if nothing else, I'm happy to have found a new place to wander. And who knows--if nothing else, I could flip on fins, and see how fast I can swim through the tunnels!


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