Thursday, May 29, 2008

she's got Bette Davis eyes

How come I'm getting simulator messages again? "The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Click this message for details." Did I miss an announcement somewhere? It's coming up everywhere.

And this is what all the mushrooms (currently) growing in Caledon, Lovelace and Winterfell look like. Tip of the very nice hat to Mr. Szondi, Jagermeister, for his arduous hours spent collecting.

Also, what possesses some people to put glow on everything? Little accent details, I can see. Lamps, sure, that's a gimme. But what about the places rife with coruscating glowfire from crystalline struts, and beam-in points "enhanced" by shimmering radiant light?

Like Diamond Cove, f'rinstance:


This pic really doesn't do the port-in justice--not only is the port point bubbled in high-power iridescent blue light, but it causes a glimmery nearly-moire effect on the crystals beyond the port point, as seen through the bubble-glow. It's intimidating.

Or the latest revision of Deviant Kitties' main hair stop now:


Miss Helanwye seems to have gone for a sort of rotating-circle theme, only each ring glows, and not just glows--but some of them are split into lines with what seems for all the world like glowing, moving beads of light along each ring-circle--and I just don't get why.

There's just no good reason for it, damn it, save to blind people. I don't understand.

In other news, there's a rather nice little kimono place in Zoq. I don't know how well the obis tie around the waist; I do know nothing in the shop is over fifty Lindens, and that the kimono sets look just as good without the obi sash. While I much prefer the work of Miss Cherry Tokyo and Miss "Snails" Sellery, the prices at Apocalips are reasonable to an insane extent.

And there's a lovely freebie gown at Akaesha which is worth checking out.

Most of tonight was again spent working on the Consulate building; at this point I'm merely grateful that they have the building stage one in place, while the next revision (we're now up to Consulate 3.0) is being completed. But the upstairs ballroom is starting to look really stellar, and we have split offices taking up the back of the upper floor, with some unique little details I think the Baron will be quite pleased with.

Now, if we can only manage to deliver it somewhat soon...

In other news of things I should be doing soon, I've now tapped out my contacts for alcohol scripting, and I'm torn in two directions--one, ask the large distillers, folks like Divivity and CAS, or post a notice on the forums. What Frau Lowey wants for der Hut des Jaegers is specific, yes; but it shouldn't be, overall, insanely difficult.

I'll consider more, because we need--I need--to start advertising that place more, at the very least to give the growing number of Jaeger soldiers on the grid something to do that doesn't involve fighting!

With anything but their constitutions, anyway.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Maybe point her at Kate Nicholas? I don't know what the specifics of Frau Lowey's requests are but I know Lady Kate has done some scripting and animations for a few projects for me.

Frau A. S. Lowey said...

The baseline issue is not terribly difficult, it is the different layers of detail that cause the complexity.

Emilly Orr said...

Edward: what Frau Lowey said. It's not so much the alcohol, it's the effects, so to speak.

But it gives me a good new direction. Also, another scripter who'd been busy hiding under his desk has just resurfaced, so I'll be asking him as well.