Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I didn't really love you, baby, but I'm pretty when I lie

In conversation with my landlord tonight, I learned it's not just Rivula being hit, and he still hasn't figured out who is behind the attacks.

Neither have the Lindens.

Lunalis, for example, was hit so destructively that 90% of everything in the sim was returned. Lindens rebooted four times from backups on the server before it was stable again; but no one yet knows what's been lost, for sure.

At the moment, because this is the second attack that's resulted in simdeath, my landlord has closed off the ability for non-residents to enter and create things. This will make it hard for anyone not in the land group to come inside for any reason, and will virtually kill shopping, but to be frank, there's not much for shopping going on anyway. Rivula's never been a large shopping venue.

This is not good. We still have to go a long way to match September of '06, with the grey ooze and the replicator attacks...but it's close. And the attacking objects are bigger this time around.

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