Wednesday, December 31, 2014

there's bound to be talk tomorrow

(We join our program, already in progress, in part four.)

And then it struck me, I was being le dumb. Because there's a HUD for this whole thing in the demo box.

This is the full, alpha-selectable section, which--like my Kemono kitling--can have entire sections, mini-sections, or even micro-sections of the mesh form turned 'off'. Oh, my gods, the sheer measure of awesome in having this feature in a mesh body, you don't even know how often it saves me with outfits. So, potentially, all those outfits I tried on and discarded? They will all work now.

There's a major problem with this, though, and it lies between the end of the neck and the bustline. V-neck anything? Not going to work. Because there aren't any specific V-neck lines. There are good lines for bustiers, boat necks, square necks (likely including medieval/Victorian styles), but a straight V-neckline. It's missing.

This is the skin- and nail-tinting HUD, so I'm still not sure if Slink nail HUDs will work in the full version, or not. That they're supposed to is the rumor; I didn't see any changes in actually clicking existing nail HUDs I had. But, I can change the nail polish, as shown here:

and here:

(And one more pause before part five.)

(I'm wearing the "Wendy" mid-length hairstyle from pr!tty in one of the Ombre HUD shades; the May 2014 group gift skin from 7 Deadly Skins, received on this year's Advent run; and the simple Brown eyes from Heaven's Gate, which at the time were part of a free set, and may be still, for all I know.

And I used Strawberry Singh's "Closeups" Windlight setting for all shots shown here.)

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