Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice

Today, the "Lara" mesh body from Maitreya was officially released. The demo's been out for a while, but I admit, I wanted to see what the full price was before deciding to try the demo. (I'm poor. It's a thing.)

She's going to retail for L$2750, which is a hard hit for many of us. My Lolas Tangos didn't cost that much at the time, and I borrowed from friends to get those, so yeah, ouch. But...she is beautiful, and potentially worth the expense.

This is the first shape included. It's definitely busty without being overwhelming, it has reasonable and very nice curves, and, beyond being far too tall for me (which likely means it's about average for the rest of the grid), it looks good.

Just as an initial view shape-and-mesh package, the fact that I was able to open the folder, grab the mesh body, grab a shape, and know what it looked like out of the box, no adjustments--that's very attractive. The fact that it's pretty much plug-and-play, so to speak, to start with is also very attractive. While I was using the demo folder, I initially found five things: the mesh body, the alpha for the mesh body, the feet demo, Hand R demo, Hand L demo. That was it. It was kind of awesome--there's more to put on with my Kemono kitling!

While none of the demo shapes are moddable (there's a note saying they are in the full version), this one clocks in at height 66.

[Later insert from the Editrix: I didn't even put on the HUD at first, as evidenced by commentary below.]

This is the second shape, and a little closer to what I currently accept as "me" in-world. It's shorter, a litle slimmer as far as curves go, without losing them entirely.

This one clocks in at height 47, which considering my usual height 20s or less, is STILL way too tall, but it's an improvement!

The third shape goes up to height 49, but also up to body thickness 20, which gives her thicker thighs and a curvier, wider rear.

It's a small but noticeable difference that I think many users may like.

[Thus ends part one. Please join us in part two.]

(I'm wearing the "Wendy" mid-length hairstyle from pr!tty in one of the Ombre HUD shades; the May 2014 group gift skin from 7 Deadly Skins, received on this year's Advent run; and the simple Brown eyes from Heaven's Gate, which at the time were part of a free set, and may be still, for all I know.

And I used Strawberry Singh's "Closeups" Windlight setting for all shots shown here.)

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