Monday, December 29, 2014

oh, baby, you'll freeze out there

(Continued from part the first.)

We start off in part two with shape four, what I consider to be either the 'athletic' or the 'barely legal' shape.

She's got that token fetishized 'gap' between the thighs, slimmer hips and torso, thinner arms and legs, and she's definitely not as curvy as the rest. I like how, while this is mostly the pose I chose to shoot, she has that gamine awkwardness about it. It's a nice touch.

Weirdly, she clocks in at height 52, when I'd think she'd be set to shorter, but hey.

This was the first really fun part for me:

This is in my current default shape, which is height 8, no body thickness, body fat set at 6. Yes, I know, I'm a short mutant. That's my choice.

The thing is, "Lara" still makes this short, strange shape of mine look good.

(Four more pictures, four more review bits, and off we go to part three.)

(I'm wearing the "Wendy" mid-length hairstyle from pr!tty in one of the Ombre HUD shades; the May 2014 group gift skin from 7 Deadly Skins, received on this year's Advent run; and the simple Brown eyes from Heaven's Gate, which at the time were part of a free set, and may be still, for all I know.

And I used Strawberry Singh's "Closeups" Windlight setting for all shots shown here.)

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