Tuesday, December 30, 2014

it's up to your knees out there

(We continue from the last part.)

This was the second fun part I found out:

I've been taking most of these with the included demo set of lingerie, specifically designed for "Lara". This is what happens with other mesh clothes:

This is the "Kaleesi" outfit from Black Haus, White Market. (I had to be somewhat careful on this one because I forgot I didn't get out underwear, as well!) Interestingly, in my own shape I'm pretty much consistently a size M. Wearing the "Lara", I'm a size M on top and a size XL on the skirt.

This is the "Farhana" almost-dress in Brown, from Footpaw Industries. This one, I had to go up to size L to fit properly.

And this is FashionNatic's "Fn" dress in Demon Red. I'm showing it in size L. And the thing I'm learning with all of these--and the more I didn't take pics of, in getting to these three--is that fitting a mesh body is fitting a mesh body, period. For some reason, I thought it would be closer to a human avatar, but nope--I'm running into the same problems that I run into with my Kemono kitling. Alpha layers won't work, because even though you can use more of them, you already have a full-body alpha layer on to accomodate the full mesh body. So it's fit those dimensions, or don't wear the outfit.

As you can see from this shot, even the boots had problems with the mesh body showing through.

(And off to the fourth part.)

(I'm wearing the "Wendy" mid-length hairstyle from pr!tty in one of the Ombre HUD shades; the May 2014 group gift skin from 7 Deadly Skins, received on this year's Advent run; and the simple Brown eyes from Heaven's Gate, which at the time were part of a free set, and may be still, for all I know.

And I used Strawberry Singh's "Closeups" Windlight setting for all shots shown here.)

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