Friday, June 13, 2014

by the tree that weeps with me

The NSA won't hand over data to the courts because apparently, they don't know where it is. By their own admission, they'd have to shut down all servers and do a manual, byte-by-byte search. Somehow, I have faith in this statement, but doesn't that say how much things have gotten out of hand?

And, since the new McDonald's Happy Meal character is so terrifying, Gizmodo is helping us deal with it by providing rich resources of nightmare fuel. ...Enjoy?

I'm still kind of heartbroken over the whole "Slender stabbing" thing...It used to be just one, terrifyingly savage event in Waukesha, Wisconsin, but...then news broke that another "follower" has arisen who stabbed her mother. Now I'm wondering who else is going to be injured or die as hysteria rises.

I found this video:

and now I'm wondering why Nicolet Park, too. Was it just that it was a forested space nearby? Had there been supposed "sightings" of this character within the park? As far as I know, no semi-canonical records (AKA, YouTube channels like MarbleHornets, DarkHarvest00, EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve, WhisperedFaith, KeratinGarden, weibWillow and others) use Nicolet Park as a staging center. But who knows? It's not like I'd recognize Nicolet Park for the trees:

For comparison, this is a hiking train in Kenmore, Washington:

and this is a hiking trail just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, in Overton Park:

so as you can see, trees in one place pretty much look like trees in other places. Because trees.

"Magic School Bus" is in process to return to public television. I'm kind of happy about that.

And here's some terribly cute kittens to make up for the Slender Man trauma.

And have half a dog. Ta.

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