Sunday, June 15, 2014

you keep on thinking you can save me, save me

And continuing from yesterday's drama...

[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: Teh biggest mistake ever turn water in wine. It should beer beer !@$&*!%@ it
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: It was whine no beer

Actually it was wine, you moron, but we're so past that now.

[Zone] SlySpy@slyspy00: I believe there is a god, but I don't believe religion is required
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: stop hiding behind jesus, you can be a boon to this world without a proxy
I actually like this statement. Just be a good person. Leave religion out of it.

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: water into wine...jesus was a party animal
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: HE WAS NOT A PARTY ANIMAL

Actually, he was. He had parties all the time. He even got yelled at for inviting tax collectors to his shindigs.

It's in the Bible. Read it sometime.

[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: I find it funny how jesus was a baby....then poof 30 year old hippy.

Well, there is that bit about him wandering in the desert for thirty years, but...hey, whatever.

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: Sooona ll of your ignorants foolish piece of stupids will be in HELL!! For ever and you will think damm what jesus told was right he was the road to life and heaven and you will cry when satan laugh

*facepalms again* But of course, he's not just a nutjob, he's an insanely religious nutjob. Perfect.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: I don't deny jesus existed. I do deny that he had supernatural powers and was the son of a god.
[Zone] Ashe Soul Silver@bloom817: why can't all y'all shut up. we playing a game, not avangalizing

Amen. So to speak.

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: he will laught at you very hard and funny make of you

"Funny make" of us? What?

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: there is no logic in that
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: I'd pay to see God vs Allah.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: god is allah u %$$)(
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: god = allah you ignorant !)&!
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: uh oh - lightning King just pop a vein

Probably Vhailor as well.

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: god and allah one and the same -_-
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: god loves you so much he'll cast you into hell for not believing
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: ALLAH IS NOT MY GOD

Yep. Saw this coming.

[Zone] Sheniqua@iszuule: jesus isn't real... love how people base their entire lives off of an old work of fiction
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: god vs allah lol kid #nevergofullretard
[Zone] Ladislaus@ladis1aus: Gods names different in every language
[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: How stupid can a man be if you like wine
[Zone] Bones@tikiya: the only religious thing that should happen here is praying in game take it out in RL
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: he dont cast you to hell
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: mbeciles
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: allah is just how muslim say god
[Zone] Ithandra Sapphic@Huddicles: my question is: what are religous folk doing on a site where Pagan worship is rampant?

Good question! Haven't found a good answer yet.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: do you agree that everything that happens is God's will?
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: salam aylaykum
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: why he send his son to die for all of you
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: Bones this is fantasy mmo...taking out praying won't make it any more realistic lol.
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: Saying god is allah is probably one of the reasons your country gets terrorized.

Highly doubt that.

[Zone] Sheniqua@iszuule: says the backwoods moron that can even spell... Lightning King... go back to school..
[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: If its all gods will then tehre is no personal choice
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: If everything that happens is God's will, then God is directly responsible for everyone who sins and goes to hell
[Zone] Saftbauer@juicefarmer: allah just translates to "Lord" or "God" in arabic
[Zone] Zamoura@zamoura: Please stop preaching and get back to killing, kthx ;)

Ah, but will they listen?

[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: Don't worry you will find out but it will be too late.
[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: I think Thor rules most
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: God is only a concept made up of the human mind. Please don't spread your brain wash here.
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: Odin > thor >God > potatoe> Allah
[Zone] X'avrok@x4vr0k: I agree, Thor does see any Ice Giants around?

Fair point.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: is it that hard to accept that you die? Your selfish to desire to exist forever leads you to delusional thinking
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: cthulu rules all
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: well if you dont know the story about cristianety islam and juwisme

I...I think my brain just melted from the spelling errors...

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: I WONT LET YOU FOOOLSSS INSULT MY GOD

Then shut the hell up and LEAVE, if it bothers you so much. Honestly.

[Zone] Sheniqua@iszuule: ALL HAIL C`THULU!!!
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: $#@!& ALL OF YOU
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: Lightning so srs.
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: well they got same god
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: Troll the troll
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: HE GAVE HE SON TO SAVE CRAP LIKE ALL OF YOU
[Zone] Solstra Stormchant@teixyl: man, this is the worst trolling ever. and i thought WoW was bad :)

I know. It's insane.

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: r u mad bro?
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: you were created get over it
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: IM MAD

You're an idiot, is what you are.

[Zone] DreamWalker@ashtash: all hail the flying spagetti monster
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: YES

[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: not following in the footsteps of jesus lightning. turn the other cheek


[Zone] Zamoura@zamoura: Don't judge lest ye be judged right Lightning?
[Zone] Sheniqua@iszuule: mmmmmm spaghetti monster....
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: "IM MAD" lmao
[Zone] Vrah El Leoric@rayfw: well, the infidel are going to be burn in hell anyway, why bother
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: WHY ALL JUDGE?

You started it.

[Zone] X'avrok@x4vr0k: All Hail the FSM, may your marinara bless this fool and his false god.
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: WHY ALL TALK #@^&%

Because they can, mainly. Because once people figure out what drives you crazy, they do that thing. You've shown your shiny red button, Lightning, people have to press it.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: yes people please don't judge the brain washed sheep.
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: So if I sacrifice my son, can I be god?
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: IF SOON VERY SOOON
[Zone] Jenn Littleknight@EmillyOrr: Also, stop typing in ALL CAPS, Lightning, it's rude and shouty.

Yes, yes it is. Thank you, me.

[Zone] DreamWalker@ashtash: good enough to eat good enough for you
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: YOU WILL BE IN FRONT OF GOD
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: i am shaking in my boots
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: soon? how soon?
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: AND YOU WILL HAVE CONSECUENSES

And we will have...what was that last word??

[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: To prompt their own ignorance.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: dat spelling
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: im not going to enable your religious insanity by respecting it
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: your spelling has consequences
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: I PUT CAPS SO ALL CAN SEE IT

We see it, Lightning. We don't want to, but we see it. And soon we'll start ignoring it, so now's your chance to stop typing in all caps.

[Zone] Fyona Sarkany@sotetsarkany: stop feeding the trolls please
[Zone] SlySpy@slyspy00: WHAT IS CONSECUENSES

We may never know.

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: IM NOT SCREAMING OR SOMETHING
Actually, you are, because that's what translates as shouting in the text world, doofus.

[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: This chat becoming too @%^!( moment.
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: how do you think you have miracle of life = GOD
[Zone] Solstra Stormchant@teixyl: hey, leave Jesus out of it... he's really nice and makes a mean taco
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: or
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: who gives a &*$ let eachother be. like what in the shyt is the point to all this gas baggery?
[Zone] Dopey@lyam84: jesus frowns on writing in all caps....
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

You first.

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: ALL OF YOU ARE LIKE JUDA

Shows what you know.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: he is mad cuz people are choosing not to absorb his dribble.
[Zone] Dopey@lyam84: thats not very jesus like....
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: BETRAYERS
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: stop being idiots ... wait a moment.. NWM to much work for you
[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: And ignorance shouts from the dark
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: HERETICS
[Zone] SlySpy@slyspy00: I hope you all know Lightning is just working people over

I dunno, I think he sounds pretty sincere about being an apoplectic, overly-religious, brainless gasbag.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: I am not a betrayer..I never was a follower
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: ALL OF YOU HAVE A BLACK HEART
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: This is the internet.
[Zone] Sandhya@shizukaid: guys calm down
[Zone] SlySpy@slyspy00: YOUR TROLLING DOESN'T WORK
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: PURGE THE UNCLEAN
[Zone] Ashe Soul Silver@bloom817: calm your %)*& gusy
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: A black heart why?? because we aren't brain washed??
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: can you believe i am a good person without being deluded into thinking there is a god?
[Zone] DreamWalker@ashtash: PURGE THE UNICORNS!

Wait, didn't we already do that?

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: NO BRAIN WASHED
[Zone] Havok@logosghost: is this what happens when Keys go on sale?
[Zone] Zone LeonHardt@ZoneHero100: You should wash your brain regularly.
[Zone] SlySpy@slyspy00: Why's it gotta be a black heart? Are you racist or something?
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: JUST INSULTING WHO SAVED YOU
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: lol best laugh ive had in a long time
[Zone] Fumbler@scottyfaic: i argue against religion on the internet because i am smart
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: so if I become brain washed will my heart turn white?

Considering hearts aren't supposed to be either shade, I'd think that would be just as bad for you, frankly.

[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: No because you are and can't see it.
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: scarlet calling people diluded makes you a bad person xD
[Zone] Brummelgrad@gurkenverbieger: religion kills more people than other things so why i should believe...

I won't say it wasn't connected to the sale; but the sale did pull tons more players in, the very least it's highly circumstantial.

[Zone] Solstra Stormchant@teixyl: yep, 33% off keys and 250% more trolling :)
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: im performing a public service...openning eyes to the lies
[Zone] Bruce Dickinson@donovam777: Heart Diseases kills more.
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: just look what our ancestors did with religion and thy had no world whide web
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: GOD IS THE WAY TO LIFE
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: hey you want to owe a lich forever thats your deal LIGHTNINGDBAG. dont force it on us
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: your precived lies not theirs
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: HE IS NOT RELIGION
[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: I pity you, really. Those that have nothing but darkness to spend eternity in.

Still not entirely sure whose side Pam's on, but it's a good point nonetheless. A closed mind lets in no light; and thus, the existence and experiences of those with closed minds should engender pity, not outrage. They aren't whole, thinking beings; if it were a better universe, we would treat such gentles with compassion and concern, not sarcasm and contempt.


[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: HE IS LIFE

...We do not live in that compassionate a universe.

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: JESUS IS THE WAY TO LIFE

Yuh-huh. You keep telling yourself that, Lightning.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: I am life, because I'm living, yeah, so...
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: iatragenic deeath is the number one cause of death


[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: This is what I am talking about. Children not being given the chance to think for themselves and believe something based on their own logic. Unfortunately they are born into religion. poor souls.
[Zone] Crushinator@Aristolian: go to church and speak psycho babble
[Zone] Nameless one@thekorisnik: Religion- weapon of mass instruction
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: you know religion is not !)&!&^ up human are
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: How about back in the day when non believers were hung and burnt in the name of jesus and the holy ghost.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: what about them?
[Zone] Ahzeron@philx1: u still going on with this?
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: u know what i hate? tards taht cant keep up with the chat scroll & get all wound up cause they dont understand what they reading.
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: SHUT UP

Obvious answer is obvious.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: let's burn some witches
Oh, can we not?

[Zone] Dopey@lyam84: and who gave you the right to say wether my soul is lost or not?
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: only a few will be taken up in the rapture ...the rest will be devoured by sandworms
[Zone] Peren Huntinghawk@verolinti: lightning we hear you no need to scream
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: im sure thay had a lot of infidil babeq
"Infidil babeq"?? I can't even. Translator failure.

[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: any group of humans is detrimental to the individual and all groups of humans are corruptable
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: if a woman keeps cats, she's a witch
[Zone] Imapercent@imapercent: why can't people follow more mainstream religions like Oprahism or Voodoo. :P


[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: People did that I am afraid, and that is not the teachings. of course, but it's the argument you continure to preach yourselves.
[Zone] DreamWalker@ashtash: Dune. Desert Planet
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: Bacteria will inherit the earth!!
[Zone] Havok@logosghost: wait...bacteria already do
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: the sound of broken english
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: that's not god, it's an F22
[Zone] Solstra Stormchant@teixyl: i worshipped Mystra. then she died. again. :(
[Zone] Grubb Tugger@murmble: rumph of the ha kind
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: FOOOOOLS
[Zone] Huge@majesticthirteen: mystra died for your sins

...Actually, she died because Cyric killed her, but hey, carry on.

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: and oh god can die
[Zone] Inuyasha@darkballad: The world of god is not to be taken lightly. You know that there is proof of an afterlife? A neurosurgeon Eben Alexander M.D. wrote a book about his afterlife experience.
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: IF GO CAND IE HE IS NOT DIE HE IS ALIVE

That...makes no sense. Try that again.

[Zone] Havok@logosghost: Mystra died, damn it, I was just beginning to Love Magic
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: TELL ME WHO CAN KILL GOD?

Which one? You should specify, because some gods die on a daily basis.

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: it is true god can die
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: there is no proof of life after death you moron just because some brain washed neurosurgeon says so doesn't make it fact.
[Zone] X'avrok@x4vr0k: God can't die....he never existed.
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: jesus died on the cross
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: NO ONE CAN KILL HIM IGNORANTS

I may start editing out Lightning King's blather, he gets increasingly shrill from here, and it's getting old.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: Jesus = Zombie
[Zone] Inuyasha@darkballad: Why must the burden of proof be on the neurosurgeon. Do you have proof there is no afterlife?
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: he is a zombie or a vampyre?
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: u r right there. ignorants just dont die

No, sadly, it's one of the two constants of the universe--hydrogen and stupidity. Ignorance will never truly go away, because it can never be created or destroyed completely.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: he died, and reanimated, therefore zombie
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: JESUS DIED AND HE RESURECT IN 5 DAYS FOOLS

Wasn't it three days? Do you not know your own holy writings, Lightning?

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: so jesus died on the cross and you still belive your god cant die :S ?
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: no zombie - jesus is a lich
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: just believe in god u dont need religion
[Zone] X'avrok@x4vr0k: if jesus bite a person, would that person become a zombie too?
[Zone] Imbroglio@dysgruntled: all of the zombie tv shows and movies are being used to desensitize the public because the government knows the zombpocalypse is really going to happen

The real tragedy with that statement is there actually are scientists working on reanimating dead tissue--mostly for medical purposes, but at least one doctor working in the field is also a fan of zombie films...

[Zone] Lucinda BlueSky@lucindabluesky: reliogion was created by man. That does not preclude the possibility of a higher power creating man.
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: JESUS IS A LICH #@(^)&@$&
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: YES THEN THATS THE PROFF HE IS ALIVE

...Wait. You're using the words of someone trolling you, as proof of your argument? Jesus being a lich means that's your proof? Have you lost your tiny little mind, son?

[Zone] Brummelgrad@gurkenverbieger: no he becomes a god then [Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: ONLY FOOLS SAYS HE IS DEATH
Um...don't you mean "say he is dead"? Saying Jesus is "Death" is terribly melodramatic.

[Zone] Lasciel Invictus@unboundpredatel: the burden of proof is on the person making the extraordinary claim, otherwise why aren't you trying to disprove unicorns, they are real for 7 year old kids you know.
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: if jesuse was god walking as man on earth and he died on the cross well then it mean god can die
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: STUPIDS
[Zone] Zamoura@zamoura: Son of a lich!
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: Lightning King you don't have to type everything in caps to get noticed. Try offering something with substance.
Yeah, really. Be Mr. "I have something intelligent to say" instead of "Mr. Shouty", and more people will listen.

[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: all I wanna do is eat your brains...I mean we're not unreasonable, I mean no ones gonna eat your eyes
[Zone] Peren Huntinghawk@verolinti: but how do you it is a he and not a she lich?
So you're Catholic, then?

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: jesus was a necromancer...brought lazerus to life
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: SO DONT BE CONFUSED
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: religion is false prophet just believe in your own god or allah or bhudda or spaghetti monster
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: The whole concept of god was created from human beings do you understand that lightning king? it's not a secret. i'ts common sense
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: carosel at 30 i always say
And on that note...Thus endeth the ranting.

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