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all your life is Channel 13

When memes collide with culture, you get...this. Well done, though. "Someday, my no will come..."

Also, looking for a good, sturdy, industrial sewing machine? Current bid is only $61. It'll likely go higher, but with three days left, it won't go that much higher. And Singer did make a tidy little workhorse of a machine with that model.


[Zone] Adran Gentleharp@dedekindch0p: 4. there is a contradiction: that which nothing greater can be conceived must exist in both the mind and reality, for that which exists only in the mind is leseser than what exists in both.

So, I logged in in the middle of a theological debate in Neverwinter Zone chat, a few days back. I don't know what 1, 2 or 3 were for points.

Also, "leseser"??

[Zone] Mystra@mongo91: no, he wants more nail polish
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: god is a polack. yup
[Zone] Adran Gentleharp@dedekindch0p: so quod erat demonstratum God must necessarily exist
[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: Poland has bloody everything damn it

Oooookay. Where does Poland come into it?

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: the jesus story is cool but it needs more dragons
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: I believe jesus existed but do I believe he had supernatural powers and was the son of the bibles "god"? no way. That's preposterous
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: jesuse is by modan them a myth

What? I mean, dragons, okay, fine, but "modan them"? What?

[Zone] Peren Silentread@trinitius: i can crack open wall-nuts with my titanium ^@%
[Zone] Kildaer@shirgun: It also needs a better editor.
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: like king artur


[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: they really lost me over the whole holy trinity deal...they really jumped the shark there
[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: Well he went like...Wingardium Leviosa! and the see split


[Zone] Akayla@amondeliegebq: sea damn it

Ah, thank you.

[Zone] AISHA Red Fury@pakatapoes: god is a squirrel

Pardon, God is a what?

[Zone] Mystra@mongo91: self important hipster atheist making fun of theist's on a video game, film at 11
[Zone] Elizar Oakwood@stopicanhitu: leviOsa
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: well i bet jesuse did split things a lot that oldtimer

Well, he was a carpenter.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: logically speaking if god is anything? it's the universe.
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: well yes
[Zone] Silly Walk@ashen1988: no it's me
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: i think your logic stuttering there
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: yes but wine from water. bad ^)%@ right there
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: look at me at all my glory

Do we have to?

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: on what grounds scarlet?
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: oh well
[Zone] Adran Gentleharp@dedekindch0p: further reading: anslems proslogion, Kants critique of pure reason pt.2 div.2 bk.2 ch3 section 3

So, an advanced course in philosophical theorems, then.

[Zone] Tojam Wetwhistle@gooseisloose: logic has no place here. begone.
[Zone] Peren Silentread@trinitius: all price the lord allmighty he who creatted us and now back to the saturday night fever maraton

All..."price"...the...Ow. My brain. Ow.

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: bueatyfull univers so a creativ creating thinking
[Zone] Adran Gentleharp@dedekindch0p: and Kurt Godels correspondence with the ontological argument

And now Gödel. Wau. Invoking lots of hefty philosophy, there.

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: god as we define it is sentient whereas there is little evidence to suggest the universe as a construct is self aware

Interesting point for debate.

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: how can pll still talk about god

Annnnd just like that, interesting point dead.

[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: the universe is expanding like my fat pomeranians stomach. spoiled brat
[Zone] Silly Walk@ashen1988: cause they crazy :O
[Zone] Elizar Oakwood@stopicanhitu: i dunno sometimes i think the universe is screwing with me
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: its like so old i come i try convince u about how wise in religion i am so you get convincet and so on
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: just because we don't have evidence to prove it isn't self aware doesn't mean %%!*
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: how is that a valid argument?

I was wondering that myself.

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: i prefer not to live my life based on faith
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: i have a magic stone that keeps away tigers

Uh...good for you?

[Zone] Kildaer@shirgun: God hates bad spellers.

Everyone hates bad spellers.

[Zone] Tojam Wetwhistle@gooseisloose: I say keep your options open. Because if you're wrong it's gonna (%#( forever.

Keep our options open, how? Do you mean, believe in maybe-God, just in case? Or don't believe in God, just in case there might not be one? Your meaning is unclear.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: Me either..I am a pantheist myself but in saying that there are some different types that share different views on what it actually means.
[Zone] molo@kobmol: hehe christians are so funny ofcourse YOUR god isnt real
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: i prefer to remain unafilliated
[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: ahahahah what if god was WAS WAS not god at all huh ?
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: So god dont exist?
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: Blame the Terrorist

Why? And what exactly did Pharygt mean, with the "what if God was was not God" bit?

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: Well my view is that the planet gave life to everything that lives and breathes off it and the universe gave life to earth. So if anything deserves to be worshipped as a higher power to human beings.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: it would be that
[Zone] Dwelf@mouglea: gods a &*^#%!@( for getting mary prego anyways
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: God exist yes or not? if no explain if yes explain too
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: islam is the pedophiles

Oh, for the love of tiny screaming tree frogs, not this idiocy again...

[Zone] Aelar Wolfsbane@juls51: if you dont believe in deity, why do you use "OMG" sometimes?

Because it's a cultural catchphrase?

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: wow...solid argument
[Zone] Aelar Wolfsbane@juls51: why use "OMG" if not exist?
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: This planet didnt maked it by itsel ignorants foolss
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: burn the kuran burns the islamic ideology

*facepalms* No, you troglodyte. Burning the Qur'an just burns a book. Also upsets a lot of people, if you're seen doing it, but at heart, it's just words on paper. It doesn't destroy anything but those words, printed on that paper. It doesn't even destroy all other copies of the Qur'an. Don't be deliberately stupid.

[Zone] molo@kobmol: so wait is santa real?

Yes. Next.

[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: we get the point.
[Zone] Wis Win Mun@zepharii: omg = oh my gourd
[Zone] Lohrno@golkax: why is zone chat always a place for stupid conversations?

I've also been wondering that.

[Zone] Mystra@mongo91: baby raptor jesus, your argument is invalid
[Zone] Mailee Darksbane@snprjnky: just love each other no matter the differences, and queue for gate crasher....and it will be ok :)
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: Sometimes I think the bible was not meant to be taken so literally in some parts and more just the teaching of decency and compassion for your fellow man. I agree with some aspects of the bible
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: santa is real. god is fake made up sheet

"Fake made up sheet"? What?

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: i have a valid agument that i dont want to share with you all cures it will take a lot of intelegenc to exsplain to hmm you all and im not that bright

.....Testing understanding: you want to share a cogent point for later debate with Zone chat, but you're too stupid to articulate it properly? Is that really what you wanted to say??

[Zone] molo@kobmol: and the easter bunny is he real?

No. But Jack Frost might be. Next.

[Zone] Trikki@colabeancounterx: Just my 2 cents....I used to hate really pious people because they get in your face about their I have to deal with the agnostic people that get in your face and say God don't exist...
[Zone] Dwelf@mouglea: i saw Norse pantheon on tv ... they must be real ! ,tv never lies.

Believe in Loki. Yes. This is good.

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: i agree with some aspects of frank herberts dune but i dont worship sandworms
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: God exists only in the human mind. Which is where it came from.
[Zone] MeSeeUDie@jeffreyabeck: sand worms worship me
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: thats like your opinion man
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: islamic ideaology is the problem

Why can't I punch people through the screen yet??

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: Why zone chat is always full of ignorants and foolsss

Got me. Law of averages?

[Zone] Pharygt@okokjah: just becoures you say you dont belive in it dont make it non exsistant

Also bad spellers.

[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: who cares let ppl do what they want and everyone mind your own business xD
[Zone] Spit McDirtNap@heygor: thats like your opinion man
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: Yes my opinion i can testify he exist
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: christians do wonderful things for people though I give mad respect to them feeding the homeless and doing good work in the name of jesus.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: i say good on them for that.
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: charity is creates a reliance that should be erradicated by responsible government while enabling those same governments to shirk their responsibility to the elecorate

.....Screw you.

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: The things that make god seems dont exist its some christians they are very anoying and bull%$#@@ the name of god and dont do what jesus did
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: children have the right to think for themselves and believe what they choose.

Or they should, anyway.

[Zone] Dwelf@mouglea: didn't jesus get nailed to a cross ? i totally want to try that some day !


Actually, there were people who used to do that regularly as a way to celebrate Easter; in some communities, this has stopped, because of deaths and major injury, but many of the faithful are still compelled to reenact the crucifixion.

[Zone] Lohrno@golkax:

Well, at least that's relevant to PLAYING IN NEVERWINTER...

[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: he was nailed but he give his life away for you you ignorant
[Zone] Vhailor@soggmeadmug: u are following what they want u to do is make ppl hate god dont u see

Not the way you spell, no.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: yes everybody think and do exactly how a book tells you. = logic -_-
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: sheep mentality imo
[Zone] Zamoura@zamoura: I love a good fairy tale
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: Yes an ancient book that will take your road to heaven not to hell
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: can we talk about bewbs or somthing?

It'd be nice.

[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: be a belieber


[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: heaven is a child's fantasy
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: you making a big mistake of being funny with that
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: anybody can claim to be a higher power and promise life after death. Probably get life long followers that believe that %!*$ to and they say human beings take pride in their intelligence? laughable.
[Zone] Solnya Everglow@Anagami: a place for good people, a place for bad people---could we be a little more creative please?

A place for apathetic people who only want to move one limb at a time, a place for people who want to watch every season of American Idol back to back, a place for people who want to raise fainting goats, a place for people who want to live in the universe without shrimp...Creativity may be overrated.

[Zone] SlySpy@slyspy00: Satan doesn't scare me. I've played Doom before.
[Zone] Scarlet Reaver@Perilaxe: the church of jesus christ the utterly indifferent...i cant belong to a religion that takes often tardy
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: I would like to believe that some day humans will be intelligent enough to realise that relgion is no longer neccessary. That is my dream.
[Zone] Lightning King@darkyo2423: Yes they make the diference becauseJESUS DI THE DIFERENCE

Lightning King is also starting to irritate me.

Thus endeth part the first. Tune in tomorrow for part the second.

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