Saturday, May 31, 2014

and a few more of your least favorite things

How LEDs are made.

What happens inside a running dishwasher.

Black tomatoes could stave off cancer? It's an interesting idea.

Meanwhile, in Neverwinter...

[Zone] Demons of Death@lldemonics: WHY CANT I BUY ZEN?

Wau, calm down there, Demon..."Demons of Death"? Seriously? And you talk in all caps? Ugh.

[Zone] Shaft Roundtree@shaftroundtree: it's empty, zen
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: you can buy all the zen you want, you just have to WAIT
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: if you can't wait, go slash your **)#((# wrists

Whoa whoa whoa, uncalled for. Not cool.

[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: If you choose the latter option remember it's down the street not across the road.

Not helping.

[Zone] Demons of Death@lldemonics: wait for what?
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: tokens are automatic
[Zone] Potted Plant@pottedplants: how do you get mount requisition tokens?
[Zone] Potted Plant@pottedplants: cheaper than mounts
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: they're band-aids on not having the cash to buy a mount
[Zone] Potted Plant@pottedplants: k

Okay, fairly rude, but question asked and answered, I guess, so we move on.

[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: i will mount u for free


[Zone] Demons of Death@lldemonics: how do i buy zen..
[Zone] Rin@maskedobito: Zen died


And then, religion entered the picture.

[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: would you rather the atheists argue incessantly about how #)#%(! Jesus is?
[Zone] Aran-Alaric Slysbane@convertordie27: The atheists I know, only lol at Mr. Cheezus when provoked.
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: 90% of the religious tirades in chat are atheists ranting about christianity. Who gives a @$&*?
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay

...Wait, go back one. What was that?

[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: So are you. Your point?
[Zone] Pusherman@pushermanva: that was a super intellient statement
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: just beyond your grasp
[Zone] Pusherman@pushermanva: jfc
[Zone] CancunTsarEonMystic@captcancuntsar: And Putser is ignored! :)
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: can't we all just get along?

I hate to say it, but YoMama does have a point here.

[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Anyone who calls another gay is usually trying to hide something about themselves ;)
[Zone] CancunTsarEonMystic@captcancuntsar: Ba dum ba, bing!
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: never straight always forward
[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: %((( no

So, Forcytus...are you saying, you disagree with Damian's statement, or you disagree with YoMama's statement? It's hard to figure out.

[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: my nips are hard like little pencil erasers -just saying

We did not need to know this. Just saying.

Zone] CancunTsarEonMystic@captcancuntsar: Clothes pins!
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: been there. done that
[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: YoMama: Arc Welder
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: i like peanut butter cookies

...Good to know?

[Zone] Juggler@instantjaks: Any perma stealth's around willing to let me pick their brains on something? ^^
[Zone] Thom@throsbi: i dont perma stealth.......i want you to see death
[Zone] Thom@throsbi: stab stab stab stab

It's important to have goals.

[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: can someone make me the "Exquisite Gemmed Butt Thong" ??

Obviously, you are way too oversexed for this game. Seriously.

[Zone] Thia@imiq: wghat about chinese?
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: Gay as in merry or gay as in &^!! shoot?
[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: Eityher
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: people get along when they remember to be civil because a real person is on the other end
[Zone] CancunTsarEonMystic@captcancuntsar: Other end of wut?
[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: %((( I'm done

Seriously. That's almost too stupid to be in Zone chat.

[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay

What, do you have that phrase on copy-paste? The hell?

[Zone] Thom@throsbi: %((( shoot gay? um never heard it like that b4
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: %(( to my house -just follow the hershey highway
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: Thom, you need to get out more
[Zone] putser@m444n: gay is wrong yes?
[Zone] CancunTsarEonMystic@captcancuntsar: Boot scoot boogie!
[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Why would you want to shoot *(#(?

It's a phrase, it means...never mind.

[Zone] putser@m444n: gay is wrong yes?

You said that already. Also, no, it's not wrong. You might be...but simply being gay isn't wrong, no.

[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay

And dear GODS, you've said THAT already.

[Zone] Aran-Alaric Slysbane@convertordie27: Real people on the internet? Surely you jest, good sir!
[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Gay is ok Putser
[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Ignorant is wrong
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay
[Zone] Kuzmor@ericcarvalhopont: %((( you
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: lol
[Zone] Thom@throsbi: and faggots are a bundle of wood

Right, so putser's a broken record, got it. And, surprisingly enough, the usual contingent of no-women-gamers, all-hot-girls-are-sluts, if-you're-not-white-you're-not-human beliefs seem to be pushed aside in favor of screw-you-gays-are-fine. I'm...actually vaguely impressed.

[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: If you're not gay, you shouldn't give a !$%* whether or not it's wrong
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: in other words, mind your own !!$(^@@ business
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay
[Zone] D'Vanthsgrup@cagedrat: why the russians?
[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: I personally think gay people should get married. If they wanna be miserable more power to them.
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: i'm all for that

Me too. Not the miserable bit, the getting married bit.

[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: let people be people, whether gay, or christian or atheist
[Zone] D'Vanthsgrup@cagedrat: i little more prejudiced than normal in /zone tonight, what gives?
[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Seriously if people hate gays so much why reserve the torture of marriage for straights
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: the &)#*& will get half!
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: why do some people think they must cram their beliefs down everyone's throats?

Well, because they're angry. Because they're hurting. Because they have all these feelings of ill use and they feel they must stamp their truths upon the world so that everything that their head screams at them, is reflected by the world at large. Maybe they think it will make the screaming stop, who knows?

[Zone] s0phie@w0yaoni2: stop being ignorant, it's their business who they want to love
[Zone] Paçoca@thyrestrepo: the zoera never ends :v
[Zone] s0phie@w0yaoni2: why do you even care?
[Zone] Nycher@stalkinn: anyone can do anything they like as long as it dosent affect a non consenting person
[Zone] CancunTsarEonMystic@captcancuntsar: Beliefs is the name I gave my wnag.
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay=war

What? Not putser, I think we all get it now, but CancunTsar. What?

[Zone] s0phie@w0yaoni2: as long as they dont do anything in public, leave them alone

Well, let's define terms here, s0phie: "anything" is a vast, wide word. Do you mean, no affections at all? No hugging, or hand-holding, or kissing? Or do you just mean the "icky" stuph--leather daddies throwing glitter, young men in tight hot pants piercing each other's nipples, tongue-wrestling and face-sucking battles, full-on penetration?

[Zone] D'Vanthsgrup@cagedrat: putser, gotta ignore you on principle

It's a good principle to have.

[Zone] s0phie@w0yaoni2: you are not goin join them in their sexual, arent you?

What does that even mean?

[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Putser You are an ignorant twit

Well, yes. That much has become painfully obvious. But is he just a twit, or an active troll?

[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: yeah, putser is being a freak-azilla
[Zone] Leinad@colorblindbadger: if you dont like gay marriage then dont marry somebody of the same $@#... BOOM problem solved
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay=war ?
[Zone] Aran-Alaric Slysbane@convertordie27: putser is being a fail troll
[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: ah gotta love that ignore button
[Zone] YoMamaOwesMeRent@minrod666: with a name like putser.. well...

To be fair...

[Zone] Forcytus@forcitus: I mean, they can't do any more damage to the sanctity of marriage than what straight people have already done, not mentioning any names
[Zone] Eliam Cross@ironknights1964: Putz is a yiddish term, I think
[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are gay=war ?P
[Zone] putser@m444n: wait :_
[Zone] [Zone] putser@m444n: it was a typo :)
[Zone] putser@m444n: all chinese are gay :)

So...putser's standard eight to nine word phrase was a typo this time around? He meant to say a four word phrase featuring a different country entirely?

...Maybe he's off his meds?

[Zone] putser@m444n: boom they win

I guess, but how does China going to war with the US make China, North Korea, Russia and America gay? That's the part I can't figure out.

And then:

[Zone] JustinBieber@gavinkhoo: Baby baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[Zone] H'airy ClamMaster@captcancuntsar: Sorry, had to de Bieber my screen.

I'd tend to agree, but in the middle of this morass of gay-bashing, to have Bieber start warbling at us was...decidedly odd.

[Zone] JustinBieber@gavinkhoo: If i was your boyfriend~~~~~ never let u go~~~~~~~~~~~~
[Zone] JustinBieber@gavinkhoo: Keep u on my arm girl~~~~~~~~~~~ u never be alone~~~~~~~~
[Zone] Damian Blackthorne@rehs: Ack Bieber kill it
[Zone] JustinBieber@gavinkhoo: I can be gentleman~~~~ anything u want~~~~~~~~
[Zone] Vicorin@Quetzaqoatl: ignoreded

Also a good impulse...

[Zone] H'airy ClamMaster@captcancuntsar: Yes, but it grows back bigger each time.
[Zone] JustinBieber@gavinkhoo: IF i was your boyfriend~~~ i never let u go~~~~~~~ i never let u go~~~~~~~
[Zone] Master Batey@jwb41981: you unfortunately can't ignore bieber... multiple people seem to be doing it.
[Zone] Moiraine Damodred@abaddon523: Can you be not Justin Bieber?

Yes, can you not? Please?

[Zone] Master Batey@jwb41981: anyone know why there's a dead asian guy and cat between the AH and the tearmulane bar guy?

There's that conversational whiplash again.

[Zone] Tälön Von Wülfskrieg@Romulus_Prime: former spammer?
[Zone] Vicorin@Quetzaqoatl: because he asked a stupid question
[Zone] H'airy ClamMaster@captcancuntsar: The cat didn't want to be eaten?
[Zone] Gwenn Shadowblade@novarein: The ppl in this game have nothing else to say except troll and insultn

Pretty much.

[Zone] putser@m444n: americans and russians and north koreans are into war and unhappyness

Oh, for the love of all gods, enough.

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