Thursday, June 19, 2014

we've seen the good and we've seen the bad

From a random profile:
"Dominance is not about force or aggression.

"One should merely tell their submissive their desires, with the expectation that she will work to fill them. There should be no need for forcing factors, if there are, then she is not truly yours, nor are you truly her dominant."
I do admit, I like that a great deal.

In the meantime, Tea Time Costuming contacted CassowaryMarie, ChamomileCatastrophe and MarzipanMassacre, and put together a steampunk shoot for some familiar characters. So far, there's Snow White, Red Riding Hood and Little Bo Peep. All outfits were designed around concepts originally seen in NoFlutter's art, so it's quite the collaborative thing.

You can see all the gallery images here.

Also, keep an eye on the Lovecraft Society blog, because 2014's Lovecraft Festival is coming. This year, as with last year's festival, the charity it benefits is the Autism National Committee. (Contact Ms. Rosalie Fleury with specific charity questions, as she's on RL staff of the ANC.) I'll post more information when I get it!

There was some controversy on today's Neverwinter livestream on Twitch.TV. Namely, one of the mods implemented the ROBOT9000 chat moderation code, and...things went a bit buggy.

In brief, what the code does--if you don't feel like the wall of text on the link--is search for words that haven't been said before, or at least, haven't been put together in that way. Those words and phrases, it allows through; all repeat words and phrases it blocks.

Okay, so why is this a problem? Because the community managers running that particular livestream have catchphrases--to wit, to win things like Founder chest packs, signed Forgotten Realms books, t-shirts, stickers, in-game digital titles and other goodies--that people type in to receive a random chance to win whatever's on offer. Today's phrase was #NeverwinterBBQ, which again, wouldn't be a problem, save several dozen people typing the exact same phrase at nearly the exact same time confused the coding.

Which meant the code started preventing some people--whose only flaw was typing too quickly after someone else had entered the phrase--from entering the contest at all.

Now, the chat moderators, after this was pointed out, insisted it couldn't have happened that way, but without knowing exactly what did happen, I'm going by the theory as it looked on the ground--some people got in, others didn't, pretty arbitrarily, and no one apologized. This is a small issue now, but it has the ability to become a much larger one, in time. Hopefully this was just a momentary glitch. We'll see what happens during the next stream.

Finding geeky jewelry is a lot easier than it used to be, considering Etsy is pretty much cornering the market on hipster culture references. But most of those stores offer their geekery in plastic or polymer clay. What if you wanted metal? Better yet, 3D-printed metal? That was suitable for men or women?

Surface Defect has you covered, and there are two additional very cool things: first, this is only the start of their line, and second, they're costume-jewelry priced. Neat!

What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?

And have a very tiny hedgehog,

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