Monday, June 30, 2014

the people that you've been before, that you don't want around anymore

I call this one, "Tales from the SL RP Side", or "Haven't we all seen this before?"

So there's a sim called Remnants of Earth. By all reports, it was a well-built, less-than-well-filled, post-apocalyptic SF-with-furries-and-fanged-folk RP sim. Their combat system was more than slightly nuts, based upon actual dice rolling, and an incredibly complicated system of challenge and flight that could be interrupted at any time. (Thus rendering running away, for example, impossible, even if you tried. More than once.) But up until yesterday, that was literally all I knew.

That changed.

Sometime over the past couple of days, all hell broke loose on the sim. Sadly, I don't have the complete story as it's been evolving insanely quickly, but I do have bits of it. Long story short: two of the game/sim admins have had a major falling out over the actions of one player. Words Were Said, and the sim fractured as a result. Soon, there will be another Remnants of Earth sim, either under a variation of that name, or under a different name, with likely info pointers that emphasize who's running the "REAL" Remnants of Earth.

Not going to spare SL names since all of this has been made EXCEEDINGLY public; so here we go!

What We Know:

Well, honestly, not that much. It's very Xie said/xie said at this point. But the things that everyone agrees on are as follows:

  • The sim admins had implemented a new inventory management system--for game inventory and items, it should be said, not actual SL inventory.
  • There were some bugs in the system. Some of these were known; others weren't. One was a bug that duplicated previously given items (or items available in the system), whether they could be duplicated in-game or not. This was a somewhat known flaw but had not yet been corrected.
  • There was a (scheduled) clearing of game inventory. This was known in advance.
  • After the scheduled clearing, an admin-level player rezzed out a very high-level suit of power armor, and a significant number of in-game credits. Another admin called her on it. Drama ensued.
This from another admin (emphatic bolding mine, but no grammatical errors corrected):
"Since things have been said about the beta inventory system, I wanted to make a few things known. First and foremost, none of you should be concerned. Earlier today if you remember, a version update happened. What I didn't publicize was that it came out because of the dupe bug others have mentioned. This bug was the result of another 'bug fix'. This sort of thing happens in programming sometimes. Those of you who were a part of the alpha stress test might remember the infinite loop bug, that was what caused the dupe bug.

In any case, a player was kind enough to actually -report- this bug, and less than an hour later, it was patched, along with the white list for admin commands, which is why admins like Krystal lost spawn priveledges. I should note that according to what they say, they knew about this dupe bug before hand, and said -nothing-.

I'm sure you all know that I don't own a server. While I can code a database, I don't have access to one. The idea of an in SL inventory system is a great deal more complex. It has never been done with this level of fluidity. So yes, there's going to be bugs, and we appreciate all of you baring with us while we test this new technology and make it work.

What we can't have however are selfish admins. Despite knowing the bug existed, they kept it to themselves for several hours. It's only when they need mud to sling that they talk about it. However, this is the only bug they have.

Power armor does not appear in the loot nodes, and they did not have the ability to check your inventory forcefully, despite what appearances they might make. It does remain that if they -do- know any exploits, they have been keeping them a secret, and none have made a bug report.

TL:DR These admins who were supposedly out for your greater good, decided not to help the sim, long before they decided to splinter it. Thankfully, I had mine as well, and they didn't know their spawn commands were being logged. Krystal was caught red handed. All she had to do was give up the admin spawned items and play fair with you all.

P.S. For anyone who wants to review the items, they are right here. Perhaps it can be explained away as NPC inventory, but I'm unsure what an NPC needs with 500,000 credits.

Best Regards,
Jerrik (Janey Obelyn)
And that's Jennik's version. There are others. Thus endeth part the first, with part the second to be launched forthwith.

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