Tuesday, December 3, 2013

gonna find out who's naughty and nice

Do you like holiday cookie noms? Do you have a muzzle most of the time in SL? This could be right up your alley, then. Comes in iced tree, iced bell, and iced stocking variants. At a stab, I'd say they're either gingerbread or molasses-cookie based, considering the color of the dough. And they're utterly free, so go nab 'em!

Yesssss, I haven't updated for a while. I also haven't been in SL for a while! Life and been utterly hectic in so very many ways of late. In the meantime, this means...a clip entry!

Because seriously, I don't have energy for anything else.

No one has yet given me a full link list to the Advent calendars going on, plus I started three days late, so bother. I checked my landmarks, but Kouse's Sanctum is now gone, and all the FallnAngel links go to sims that aren't attached to the store anymore, as Azriel's downsized (along with oh, so many other merchants on the grid). This is all I could find on a quick earlier run before daily life tackled me and threw me to the floor again:
Alice Project: hair advent at their main store, though apparently the boxes (one for VIP clients, one for everyone) will show up at the Mint Tulip branch a few days after to help out with sim traffic.
Kinzart Kreetures also has an Advent going. I don't know whether it will just be plushies, or will include skins/ears/tails or full avatars; we'll have to wait and see as it unfolds.
And Abranimations has their usual animated-pose things on Advent offer this year.
I'll post more as I discover them.

Apparently--scientifically, even--the best time to drink coffee has been determined, and it's not a time when I'm ever awake--unless I have to be. Guess I'll have to finally invent that espresso IV drip, after all.

[02:54] kxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: friend give me home but when i walk it be liek invisibel

I'm actually terrified of what they're trying to say. When they walk inside the home, it becomes invisible, or when they walk when they're attached to the home? Because I've seen that happen.

More to come.

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