Saturday, November 16, 2013

but that's okay, because I know you'll eat the cultists like me first

Etienne Meneau has released a wine carafe shaped like oversized blood vessels. I'm impressed that each one holds a full-sized (750mL) bottle.

Wonder how it looks with rosé...

Oh, and Desert Bus for Hope 7 has launched! If you don't know anything about the craziness that is Desert Bus, here's a brief explanation: the cast of Loading Ready Run, in cooperation with the Child's Play charity, gets together members and friends to stay up as much as they can while playing the worst video game in existence. (There's no question on this; Desert Bus is universally acknowledged as the worst game to play, ever, mostly because it takes place in real time--to drive the bus for an hour of game time means you're driving the bus for one hour real time. And to gain one point, you have to drive to Tuscon from Las Vegas and back. Which takes twenty-four hours.) They also do skits, sing songs, and try to keep each other awake, and they broadcast all of this live. People watching can chime in with comments on live chat, suggestions of what to do, and make challenges--where they offer payment towards Child's Play if their challenge is completed on the air.

How'ver, I want to talk a bit about the LoveFest, the LoveCraft Festival, which this year benefits autism awareness. I will freely and openly acknowledge that I signed up to help with a build, and with the festival itself, and then got sick and basically flaked for two weeks prior to opening.

In fact, I was thinking seriously of just apologizing to the organizers, and withdrawing, but a random impulse saw me on the reserved plot, and once there, well, I had to do what I could.

While I don't normally identify people by name anymore, I have to give my great and humble thanks to Felice Nightfire, Sphynx Soleil, and mbeatrix, who helped me decorate, sink the land underneath the build for the basement level, and generally kept me going until it was done.

Without your help, gentle souls, trust me--the Shunned House build would not have seen the light of day.

And with that, I should tell you tomorrow is the last day of the festival, so hurry down!

It's an amazing set of builds, and a great group of vendors, and it benefits a wonderful charity.

Help if you can but do try to wander at least,'s very much in the spirit of Lovecraft.

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