Friday, December 6, 2013

and the circuitry between you and me, it starts with the Mecto Amore

More Advents found!

LK & Beach Street have put together a selection of stuffies, household decor, and accessories, free to all. Also free: all the previous gifts.

One returning from last year is VampRealm, which is a little tricky to click, but all the previous gifts are also still available. Yay.

There's also the Weinachtsmarkt, or the "Mrs. Santa Christmas Market"--this is an odd one, but kind of fun. Basically, it's a cart market, full of vendors with holiday items on special, and most of the stalls also have an Advent gift. Find the gift for that day, click, and it's yours. (No previous gifts available, but if you're lucky, you might run into Santa on the sim!)

Mieville also has a holiday market going, and at the end of it they have an Advent calendar, but the hazard is not the calendar itself, it's the scarily repetitive loops of holiday songs. Flee the holiday songs! Or at least turn your volume down before going in.

Needful Pixels has an Advent calendar that needs a lot of time to rez in. It's also set to GMT, so if you're in the US, both this one and Mieville's (also set to change on GM time, not SL time) will hit you as being on one day ahead of what they're "supposed" to be.

Beyond the Mists in Artanis is having an "Advent hunt"; basically, wander the snowy area until you find the present with the date. WARNING: Artanis is an ADULT SIM. So if you're not age-verified, you won't make it in for this one.

By Jove may be the rara avis on the list; won't know 'til I unpack, but as they seem to specialize in menswear, they might be offering menswear under the tree! Check them out if you're interested.

Timeless Textures has an Advent this year; if you like their textures (and I do), go check it out.

And Fairy Unique Designs has opened up their former group-only Advent to be a come-one-come all affair, which personally, I think is a grand thing. So go click them, too!

More when I track them down.

(Oh, and the title of this post comes from Steam Powered Giraffe's latest single from their new album, MK III: "Mecto Amore":

(So...yeah. Enjoy that. Tasty stuph.)

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