Sunday, December 8, 2013

as all my darkness gathers in

Have some haunted houses in real life, famous authors in costume, and, if you like suspense but not gore, twenty-five of the most suspenseful films ever made.

Because Halloween never lasts long enough, frankly.

Every now and again, I still hear words from on high...

turning radius: Hey, whats up?
turning radius: You on?
turning radius: Are you still sleeping never?

So, interesting story with that...kind of yes, kind of no? It's odd. But in the main, my apologies, Lord--I was on, but I was killing spiders, skeletons, and werewolves in Neverwinter. Sorry?

Words of wisdom from a mountain? I've got that.

In the meantime, if you'd seen or heard of the latest Miss Universe pageant's...unusual...take on national costumes, I've dug up part of the full country line-up. You can find a few more here, and here, if you're really interested. For me personally, I'm not sure I'd honestly be able to pick out more than five--maybe five--that are even tenuously related to the national costumes of their countries, and top of that limited list is Miss Japan (Yukimi Matsuo) and Miss Korea (Yumi Kim). And even those aren't exact.

The SLebrity Sim is currently hosting the SLebrity City Holiday Fair. What's so unique about this is that all the things you'll find there are transferable as gifts. Now, that's a neat holiday concept.

[18:46] Santi Knight (vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): booo
[18:46] Santi Knight (vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): i need your blood
[18:58] Emilly Orr wanders back to the keys and scoffs.
[18:58] Emilly Orr: You're kidding, right? No biting. Go 'way now.
[18:59] Santi Knight (vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): jajja ok

Some days people irritate me. Days like this, though, I just loathe them all in general.

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