Thursday, December 12, 2013

symbols of the sun, symbols of the snow

For the holidays, the Zero store has the Makronome free on the Marketplace. What are this? I'm not entirely sure, plays holiday music.

And possibly runs on blood.

Moving on, Meli Imako's December free gift is an absolutely amazing lace and fur trim winter coat, which I for one am nabbing with glee. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, because I still feel like I'm the Cro-Magnon in the corner putting ochre handprints on the cave walls when it comes to working with mesh. Still, it's very pretty, and very seasonal.

Old Time Prims is offering a simple black umbrella freebie; it states it comes with the hold pose, but does it fold and snap open? That, I do not know.

You want an antlered hoodie in a holiday print? Sure, why not?

By the way, a more efficient thermoelectric generator has been invented, that converts both solar energy and heat to electricity. They're running tests on the prototype now,

I can't believe I forgot to check Isis Boutique for Advent gifts! She does have one up this year. If you haven't been a participant in previous years, then everything's going to be new to you, but it seems to be a mix of the past couple years' Advents, to be honest. Still, there's a tasty holiday blend of warm socks, ballet shoes, and seasonal flats, so if you want that, hop on by. All previous gifts on the tree are also available.

And have a very twitchy kitten. Happy holidays.

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