Wednesday, December 11, 2013

oh, the weather outside is frightful

Hey, new Advent noted! It's over at the KittyCatS winter sim, and all previous gifts are still available!

Also, you should check out the FabFree list of holiday advents; and a tip o' the hat to Miss Deoridhe for letting me know. Thank you so much!

Meanwhile, over at haruxharu, there are three holiday boxes out for free--one containing a cute retro sweater dress, one containing the matching sweater boots in white with red covers, and one containing a headband in two options to go with everything. (The headband is a set of glowy, jeweled cat ears. It comes in two options, "White"--which is white with lots of glow--and "Grid"--which is, well, white with lots of glow, far as I can tell. They're both adorable, though.)

The Magic store has what they're calling an Advent Courtyard--basically, find the box for the day, click it, get the landmark, go to that store, and find the gift. Only question is, will the earlier boxes lead us to stores that still have gifts out? I don't know, I haven't checked (yet).

And if anyone out there has deep aspirations to be I can help with that. And it's free on the Marketplace, so...yay?

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