Sunday, October 9, 2011

we would like it to be known, the exhibits that were shown were exclusively our own

Being awake and trying to return to sleep, I found mention of a notecard that arrived at my abode. I logged in to read it, and found mention of an old entry made during the Peaster's Castle hunt run:
Hi there,
i have just been reading your blog spot on Darkness Falls. You made it interesting and captured the feel of the sim well so much so i had to read it 'til the end. However, one of the creators of the sim is a personel RL friend of mine and [was] horrified to see that you are telling everyone you think the child sculpts are from Vooner. All the children, trees with faces, shrooms and monks are sculpts belonging to Lauren Bentham, and can be purchased ONLY from Bentham Manor (her mainstore). I too own a store in SL, and would be extremely annoyed and upset if a blogger did not research properly before commenting on where items can be purchased. I just thought i should bring this to your attention so you can correct it.

Thank you

Tamrielle Halderman
I checked it out; not that I don't trust either Miss Halderman or Miss Bentham, but I had made the error once, and I didn't want to do so again.

First of all, you'll want to go see Bentham anyway; I had been there, several years back, but it's changed remarkably (and for the better, I might add). However, you can find the Crying Child sculpted figure in the house (I believe it was retailing for L$275), and many of the other set pieces seen in the Bentham hunt sim are comparable, or lower. (Most do seem to be no copy, however, if you contact Miss Bentham directly, she states she's happy to sell no transfer versions instead.)

I would extend my humble and profound apologies to Miss Bentham for my oversight; my only explanation (not excuse) is that I'd seen a child sculpt for sale at Vooner and had mistakenly assumed that was the creative at hand. Both Miss Bentham and Miss Halderman are right; I should have verified who made it before sending that entry to print; I did not.

I have corrected the original entry, I am very sorry if this has caused harm to her business in any way.

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