Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I got secrets in my garden shed, I got a scar where all my urges bled

Oh, it's been a busy couple of weeks. In between doing everything else that my RL, more game-based virtual (and occasionally SL) lives demand, I've also been trying to put together this year's haunt!

Which has crept along, very very very slowly, for two reasons:

1. I just didn't have a lot of time; and

2. I started late and frankly, was dragging my heels about finishing, because I wanted to be done already (insert whine here).

Go to Lunitarium if you wish to see it; this year, it's mostly quiet, though there is a small dollarbie hunt, per my usual, and next year, I simply must start planning earlier in the year!

Assuming SL still exists...

ANYWAY! Haunt items! They are as follows:

(from the haunts album)

This is this year's Samhain season fire: for 2011, it contains a dressform, a hatrack, some utility horses, a tablecloth, a few large logs glowing with embers, and a few other scattered odds and ends.

(from the haunts album)

A Trick-or-Treat banner. Slight glow, and it flickers!

(from the haunts album)

I know, it's not December yet; just think of this as decoration in advance. T'is the season?

(from the haunts album)

This is actually an art piece. It has a fair amount of glow, and some very odd poses, and I've been poking at it off and on, in various iterations (I think I'm up to six in inventory). This was the Second Iteration, and--barring, you know, the poses on crack--looks pretty good.

(from the haunts album)

Two haunt gifts in one! Well, no, they're in individual prizes. On the left: a grouping of three Jack o'lanterns in red-tinted skin; on the right, a grouping of three Jack o'lanterns in black-tinted skin.

(from the haunts album)

And this is one of actually four variants--they're all square (and obviously, they'll look better on earth, not wood), they all have pumpkins, but two are green vines (like the one shown above), two are dying golden vines, and in the other direction, two have scattered smooth round pumpkins (like the ones shown here), and two have scattered multi-sized pumpkins.

(from the haunts album)

And this is one of two 'Pumpkin girls' I made this year--this is the charred version, with limbs starting to collapse at the joints, and propped up on different, smaller pumpkins. There's another version with more connected limbs and a star-covered, dark red pumpkin for a head, but she's...kind of wet.

Like, skinless wet. I figured I'd keep that variant off the blog.

(from the haunts album)

The bulk of this year's build (really, it's just the cemetary and an 'upstairs' skybox) mostly comes from one phenomenal set piece created by Pravda Dark Couture. It's amazing, it's fabulous, and both it and the space to hold it has been graciously donated by Hank Rucker. I only wish I had more coherence on the build (though from now until October 31st, when it closes, I'll do my best to add things when I can to fill it out).

(from the haunts album)

And this comes courtesy of Mm. Sphynx Soliel, who helpfully informs us that the road to Hell is paved with...yeah. Exactly.

If you get lost, just find the arrow--it points to the haunt.

Keep in mind, you'll be looking for large candy corn pieces. They're not hard to find. They're all set to buy for a Linden, and there's thirteen total.

Have fun, tell me if anything doesn't work, and enjoy!

*limps off and collapses somewhere in one of the disused crypts*

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