Wednesday, October 5, 2011

if you're gonna get involved with her, then tread with care, 'cause that girl is trouble, take it from me

I am so completely confused.

[17:30] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: [Exxxx Rxxxxx] are you stupid or you are born with

That's how a chat group popped open for many of us this afternoon.

[17:31] [Nxxx Rxxxxxx]: O.o
[17:31] [Ixxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx] blinks
[17:31] [Mxxxxxxx Gxxxxxx]: huh?
[17:31] [Fxxx Mxxxxxxxx]: excuse me
[17:31] [Mxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx]: born with what?

And it went on that way for a while, because we were all confused.

[17:31] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: never you can eject me for nothing
[17:31] [Mxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx]: really
[17:32] [Sxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxx]: O.O???
[17:32] [Sxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx]: Good for you, sparky? xD
[17:32] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: you think you are the king of world
[17:32] [Mxxxxx Ixxxxx]: BORN WITH WHAT?!?!?!

Still a good question. Of course, what with the server updates this week, group chat is fried right now, so chat lag is transposing a lot of things.

[17:32] Emilly Orr: Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is the first line of chat I saw. What's going on?

Hence, my seeming entry into the conversation two minutes in.

[17:32] [kxxx Kxxxxx]: O.O
[17:32] [Fxxx Mxxxxxxxx]: [Jiffy]
[17:32] [Mxxxxxxx Gxxxxxx]: that's not very nice
[17:32] Emilly Orr: [Jiffy], calm it down, we don't know what's going on here
[17:32] [Mxxxxxx Dxxxx]: ...We never said anything about ejecting. You have the wrong IM you're pushing enter into

Which many other people pointed out, after. She apparently would have none of it, and kept protesting.

[17:33] [Ixxxxx Rxxxxx]: i think he or she accidently put in wrong chat
[17:33] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: you are so stupid for hear me im here for play not for war stay at home
[17:33] Emilly Orr: [Jiffy], calm DOWN.
[17:33] [cxxxxxx Cxxxxxx]: dude its a troll i am pretty sure

So at this point, we were all pretty sure she were mistaking the group chat for main chat.

[17:33] Sakito Nakamichi: And you're still tryping into the wrong chatbox, sparky. x3

Some of us even told her so.

[17:33] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: yes sorry im up set so sorry
[17:33] Emilly Orr: Just remember, [Jiffy]--group chat here.
[17:33] Emilly Orr: Not main chat.
[17:34] Emilly Orr: Which makes me wonder--what's going on at the store, people?

I still don't know, but I did feel the urge to try and talk to her directly:

[17:35] Emilly Orr: Seriously--what's going on at the store?
[17:36] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: sorry just i think eecho hera that now i use this media
[17:36] Emilly Orr: No, there's a difference between main chat, and group chat
[17:37] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: yes i know lol but if im mute i cant lol
[17:39] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: im drow and one time i visit drow castle and im ban and now ejected

And here's where my head began to seriously tilt. Unless you're dealing with a psychopathic store owner, there is no earthly reason why a polite visit once will get anyone banned.

(And if anyone's thinking I mean the lass behind Grumble, I don't--I bitched about her fashion sense, she banned me, THAT part I have no disagreement with. And I'm not saying she's a psychopath.)

But while I was trying to figure that out, she said this:

[17:39] Emilly Orr: What happened the day you were banned?
[17:40] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: from taure ru and now drow groupp
[17:40] Emilly Orr: Alia doesn't have anything to do with Taure Ru, I don't think
[17:40] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: im for the justice eecho not king of world

So...if I'm processing this properly...Alia Baroque runs Fallen Gods. (Obviously). Someone else runs the Taure Ru sim (plus their nine thousand RP groups, and that's also obvious). Why is she thinking that Alia = Taure Ru?

[17:41] Emilly Orr: Fine, but you do realize you're trying to communicate that through the Fallen Gods store group, right? Which isn't a specifically Drow group, or an RP group
[17:41] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: i lost access and many friends
[17:41] Emilly Orr sighs
[17:42] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: yes its neccessary because this shop is very good and many drow buy there

Yeah, no, it's NOT necessary, UNLESS you've actually been banned from there--and if you were banned, why aren't you out of the store group? Most people with half a brain (and Alia is very far from stupid) ban troublesome avatars from their groups AND their stores, so...?

Still very confused.

[17:42] Emilly Orr: Okay. Breaking this down.
[17:42] Emilly Orr: Alia =/= Taure Ru
[17:42] Emilly Orr: Taure Ru is its own sim and guild
[17:42] Emilly Orr: Now, you were banned from the Fallen Gods store?

And half a minute went by with no reply. Then this:

[17:42] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: but its ok now have fun all huggz and kiss
[17:43] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: you can ban me i buy other place
[17:44] [Jiffy Wonderlube]: i want only justice

Okay, HEADS UP for the slow kids in the audience, which apparently includes the Drow princess [Jiffy]: I DO NOT RUN FALLEN GODS. Who the hell did she think she was talking to?? I'm a vaguely interested bystander, at best.

I mean, look, wrong windows can be forgiven, it happens a lot--I still shake my head at the woman who openly kicked someone's chained lady bits in Rag Dollz, and it took her half an hour to figure out why her chained submissive wasn't responding!

(Not that that wasn't an amusing half hour.)

But even so, this was profoundly not a wrong window. This was someone, essentially, protesting McDonald's and doing so standing in Outback Steakhouse. The wrong place, the wrong platform, the wrong concept--and to this very moment, I don't entirely think she's smart enough to figure out what happened.

Other than she has a complaint damn it and she will be heard for justice. From someone. Who most definitely isn't me.

You know, she puts me in mind of another Drow princess I met once, long ago...who happened to be blonde, blue-eyed and have tan skin...Now, I'm not saying that Miss [Jiffy] is a fake, per se...just a complete flake.

I'd also note that if anyone's banned for something, in general, they know what it was. Even I figure out the reasons why, most of the time, even when they're ancillary reasons like "you were mean to my friend so I'm banning you from my store because you're mean, nyaaah!"

This girl? Seems to have no clue why she was banned both from an entire sim, and then from a Drow RP group. Plus that mention of her losing "many friends".

No, [Jiffy], you know why. And if you don't, then you're just too stupid to breathe anyway, so it's not anyone's problem but yours.

(But seriously--people like her give Drow a bad name.)

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