Friday, October 21, 2011

it's such a shame for us to part

A new boycott of the grid begins. This time it's starting in the art world, because of the Lindens' incredible and inexcusable mis-handling of SL-to-HTML blocking. Without concrete communication and a prioritized technical issues queue, she's going to leave the grid.

And if she goes, there are a lot of artists that will follow, I have the distinct feeling.

Your grid is DYING, Lindens. Why don't you stop it?

In an update on the megaprim issue from yesterday, more information (if only on a slight amount) has been published. Including the start of a JIRA file on the issue--and a reminder, folks, WATCH, do not VOTE, the Lindens no longer respond to votes cast, only watchers watching the issues.

Keep in mind that only Crowley Avro's prims seem to be affected. Megaprim creators whose creations will NOT have been returned:

Anya Ristow
Ceera Murakami
Charles Fauna
Dawn Ireton
Gene Replacement
Moy Loon
MrsDay Oh
Research Projects
Winter Ventura
Zwagoth Klaar

But if you built with Avro's prims? Your builds are now toast. If they show up in your Lost & Found folder, again, you seem to be able to re-rez them without issue, as they've reversed the decision, but this still affects more than a few sims, and more than a few builds. This was a rash and ill-considered action, indeed.

In the meantime, this weekend the Labs are holding a land sale! Get any homestead at a $375 discount, get any full region at a $1000 discount--and that, to me, is nail-in-the-coffin time, because if they're that desperate to get new owners of sims onto the grid, then how many sims are leaving--or have left already?

I'm tasting ashes on the wind, people. This is in no way good.


Edward Pearse said...

After the debacle that ensued when LL deleted Crowley Avro's prims back in February, you'd think they would have at least found a new way to screw over the grid.

Maybe they're taking a leaf out of Hollywood's book and are now trying for remakes of stuff ups they've done in the past?

Emilly Orr said...

Still thinking they're in a long, drawn-out battle with the rest of the grid to get everyone out of their game.

None of what I posted is a detractor for that theory.