Friday, April 2, 2010

there's a bridge I need to burn before I leave

Meet Miss Kimiah Jupiter.

Kimiah Jupiter

It's not that she's unattractive. It's that she showed up nude on the port-in point.

Kimiah Jupiter

And bald. Then, after several moments, she got dressed.

Kimiah Jupiter

In a belt.

Kimiah Jupiter

Then jeans, sans top.

Kimiah Jupiter

And a pipe. Apparently adjusted sideways.

There's a joke in there, somewhere...

I admit, I stood right where I'd ported in, because really--we see a lot of casual nudity on the grid, and some of it's intentional, and some of it's the result of accidental porting in the midst of changing--I think that's happened to practically everyone, me included.

But this was just so odd--I mean, if it were a graphics error, why wouldn't I see her prims, or see the system layers without the prims? No, I just stood there, wondering if it was a rezzing problem, while everything behind us rezzed in just fine, and she...remained nude.

Until the belt.

And the jeans.

And the pipe.

"The biggest lesson I take away from this, is that the next time someone tells me they are angry with me, or if I hear that someone is angry with me, I am going to immediately make private and direct contact, and ask them to tell me, step by step, piece by piece, why they are upset with me. "

Duchess, I do believe you know why I'm upset with you. I don't think I need to mention it past this point, and, while I laud your offer to mend the ways (even if sent in the most general sense), I don't think it will help, in the long run--neither of us will change our minds, and it certainly won't ease any of the hurt of the past. Only time will do that, and I think time is doing the best that it can as it spins on.

Honestly, I think we'll both deal, and for my part, I still think what you're doing is amazing. I still support Radio Riel, even if I don't attend many events; and I still tell people to listen, when I get the opportunity. More than that, I really think you can't ask; and it may be the very best any of us can hope for.

I am glad you seem to have mended the breach with Colonel O'Toole. Public disagreements, as we both well know, can harm business and personal associations alike.


This is more of an RL issue, but I think it still qualifies for a mention--everyone should read up on the Lollipop Theater. In short--though there's a TON more information on that blog entry--they're trying to raise awareness for the charity, and it's a very good one. Their goal: raise funds to present movie premieres of movies only seen in theatres for children in hospitals and care wards. Whether through disability, compromised immune systems, or upcoming fatality, these children aren't going to have the opportunity to go to the theatre and see the films with their friends. Lollipop Theater wants to change that as much as they can. If the kids can't go to the theatre, they figure, they'll bring the theatre to them.

They want people to raise awareness by using the #lollipoptheater hashtag on Twitter, mentioning the charity to their friends, and/or donating some to help out. I've got two of three, and I'll work on the third. Help however you can, if you can.

Finally, as I've said before, two people I dearly love play City of Heroes, semi-obsessively. Miss Neome to the point that she generally keeps a browser window pointed at their forums, so she can stay up to date on the latest happenings.

Apparently another power set was released--these are sets of specific animations paired with particle effects, to imitate superpowers for the characters in that world--and people were complaining that it wasn't 'masculine' enough. "Not another prancy power move," someone moaned.

This was the reply to that complaint. I had Miss Neome save it and send it to me, because it's just that perfect.

And that's the random news for today; I'm off to see if I can't track down more trouble...I mean, stories. Or...something.

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