Thursday, April 1, 2010

kiss the rain and wait for the dawn

Google introduces WaveWave! So you can now get GoogleWave


XKCD is also fun to play with today. Trust me: you want to type in "cat", "man", "man next", and "man cat". Though you can poke through other random words if you like. is now Topeka. No, not really, but that joke does hinge on why people in Kansas are very, very odd.

Still adore the wireless extension cords, the desktop zero-point infinite power generator, the shrinter (this one would be INVALUABLE for government offices!), and my personal favorite, the 2001 Monolith Action Figure.

Or would that be Inaction Figure?

And Lord Bardhaven pointed me towards The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 1988 edition. Wau. Just...wau. That's an entire media decade on spin, there.

Also, I have no pictures, but this was too cool not to run with--from tonight through Aprille 4th only, all non-scripted box vendors--in other words, put product in box, put box picture on front of prim, set for sale--are half off at Tekeli-Li.

NO I'M NOT KIDDING. I just bought the orange and white Koi mermaid avatar I've been lusting after for L$375. Normal retail? L$750.

Of course, being as I'm waiting for my next bit of largess from the traditional sources, to disperse amongst various rental properties, I batted big eyes at Miss Neome and she tossed me the Lindens.

Hey, love sometimes works out. That, or I know where she sleeps.

There's also the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt (gad, how I am going to hate that name) gift, containing specially-colored versions of their coming Pnath hair, a dollarbie set of back tentacles, and if you meander down the cave a bit, you can reach their fishing area and fish for Tekeli-Li custom fish, which are wild and wonderful.

Remember, Tekeli-Li's "The Stars Are Right" box sale only lasts until Aprille 4th! So get moving if you like tentacles, mermaids, exotic treasures of the sea, and hair that is endlessly changeable.

ANYWAY, Aprille Fool's Day is finally over! No one died. So yay for that.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Figures :) I just bought half that store at full price...
And worth every linden, too.

Emilly Orr said... you can buy the other half on sale?