Thursday, April 15, 2010

I won't be your soft one

Out and about. Thinking too much.

Second Life,shopping,wandering

Seen at Schadenfreude.

Second Life,shopping,wandering

The path to Trap.

Second Life,shopping,wandering

The tree under Trap, from vitrail Ilios' new trails store.

Second Life,shopping,wandering

On the trunk at Schadenfreude. Apparently, the ear loops in the elephant's ears, as well as the trunk? Hold poses.

[17:16] Balderdash -Gumdrop Gacha Machine owned by Saiyge Lotus gave you 'Capsule 05 - Balderdash - Gumdrop-Life is Hard' ( ).

I believe this.

nuclear war,boom,wallpaper

And past this point there is no stability, there is no reconciliation, there is just ending, and pain, and fire. Whatever happens now, things will not remain the same.

On top of everything else? Apparently Peter Steele died of heart failure yesterday, at 48.

I'm going to be scarcer than usual for some time.

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