Saturday, April 10, 2010

salvation's yours for just the time it takes to pay the dancer

This startled me flat this evening as I was wandering the grid:

[16:59] Dauphiness Ceriaptrix: Hey Winterfell! have you pimped your pogo yet?!?! We are starting our pimp your pogo event NOW! Hop on Down!
[17:00] Emilly Orr: Pimp...your...what?
[17:00] Dauphiness Ceriaptrix: Pogo!
[17:00] Emilly Orr blinks
[17:00] Dauphiness Ceriaptrix: do you need the kit to make yours?
[17:00] Emilly Orr: No, thank you.

I really can't add more than that, save for the fact that Lady Serra did come on and note that the event was slightly out of theme, but it did sound fun at least.

Me, I'm just thinking that "pimping" my anything in Winterfell is a bad idea.

Pursuant to this entry in the Second Life 24 Hours blog, is this going to become a new thing? Prim..."enhancements"...on underwear layers for guys? Is this really necessary?

Second Life

Having problems getting around the grid tonight, rezzing things, changing clothes, changing's been a nightmare. Part of that is porting places I wasn't intending to go. One side trip proved to be more interesting than expected.

This is Beloved Designs in Floyd, the big Starlust sim:

Second Life,shopping

Yes, that is a pitcher plant. I didn't want to go in, though you can--in fact, if you do, you find a group of crates for sale at the bottom. One of them is this one:

Second Life,shopping

That pretty much speaks for itself...

Second Life,shopping,crayons

Just down the hill, Scribble built a small satellite store for products entirely out of grey crayons. Definite points for style and oddity--I mean, why all grey?

Second Life,scary,horror

One of the creepiest things I saw wandering around Elliot, next door to Floyd. If you touch the head you get a burst of radio static. (Which is only meaningful if you've ever played any of the Silent Hill video games, and if you have, well...OH GOD RUN IT'S BEHIND YOU, RUN, RUN RUN FASTER DAMN IT--)

*coughs* They had a large effect on me.

Second Life,scary,horror

Okay, y'all have an unhealthy fixation with unicorns and rainbows. Let me just say that RIGHT the hell now.

Second Life,shopping,pool

We have finally reached the place where we have realistic blow-up dolls in SL. I'm not convinced this is a good thing. (Btw, clicking on the picture link above? Will bring you to a completely fake, but likely NSFW, depiction of vinyl nudity. Floating in a pool. At the Starlust.)

Oh, did I mention part of the reason I was there was to see if there were any eggs left out at the Egg Hunt? At least of this writing, two days past their official 'cut-off', many are still out. Go get 'em while you can! And they're not kidding, they're HUGE.

But while you're there, take the time and wander. You never know what oddity you're going to turn up...


Darien Mason said...

Only one explanation. They're all playing ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK! Sometimes I get Erasure stuck in my head for DAYS. I have to go play VIVA CALIGULA just to cleanse the palate!

Emilly Orr said...

*snerks* Duchess Gabrielle is like that, but she always has the option of playing an all-Erasure set. DJs have better earworm-music coping mechanisms than we do.

Fogwoman Gray said...

I was searching XStreet for sculptmaps and came upon a kit with the male sculpted "bulges", equivalent of the prim boobs I suppose.
Most were not as...explicit as the ones you found. I was initially repelled, but figured it is probably an improvement on the "I am either smuggling throw pillows or have a BAD infection" look that the sliders give a fellow.
Personally, I prefer a well dressed gentleman who can surprise me IF the time comes :)

Emilly Orr said...

It's a good point.

The rumor goes (and no real way to prove it either way) that the "Prince Albert" piercing is so named because Queen Victoria desired her consort to lay flat, so to speak--and by putting a ring through the head of his genitalia, he was effectively able to belt himself in, so he would cause no distressing bulges.

Who knows what the truth of the matter is, but the name stuck. Personally, I feel that prim nipples attached to blouses go a tad bit too far, too. I'm sure the effect is intended to evoke Gosh, she must be cold feelings in the viewer, but I always think more My, she could put someone's eye out if she takes a corner sharply!

Of course, I am short. Compared to many women on the grid, I do come up to nipple height. So maybe it's a valid concern!

Serenity said...

Aww Silent Hill how I miss when it used to be good. XD Love the pics Em!

Emilly Orr said...

I have a Quest. At some point, I am going to find a way to play the first game on PC.

So far, this has been an unanswered Quest--along with finding Fatal Frame for the PC--but I live in hope. :)