Wednesday, December 23, 2009

time for parties and celebrations, people dancing all night long

There's a very bad Santa at Ova Hauled this year. In the space of ten minutes, I saw a spanking, a stripping, and Santa serving "special egg nog" to a lady on her knees in front of him. Do I need to go on? Go if you wish, but keep in mind, he's looking for folks on his naughty list!

[15:07] CaliLilly Quintessa: santa is sure getting his jollies on
[15:07] Rayvn Hynes: omg!
[15:08] Rayvn Hynes: he stripped me naked and gave me coal!

Did you think I was kidding?

D&V Creations: you're doing it wrong:

hunts,shopping,Second Life,holiday

Seriously. If you have to have a whole wall to display your grid-wide hunt signs? You have a grid-wide hunt addiction. You need therapy, not more hunt gifts.

How'ver, Pasarella in Palamos is doing it so very well:

hunts,shopping,Second Life,holiday

They've put out all their recent hunt gifts as ornaments on their in-store tree. This is amazing. Over twenty-five gifts to peruse, and if you like their style, come back and drop them some Lindens on an outfit. Such ingenuity deserves to be rewarded.

Kenn Nilsson takes on what Second Life should be, and he makes a lot of points. It's worth reading.

In the meantime, Bare Rose is having a seasonal hunt:

hunts,shopping,Second Life,holiday

From the notecard:

A G i f t F r o m B E L L
Bare Rose Christmas Mini Tresure Hunt

W a l k t h r o u g h

1. Please read the Prologue and Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is at the bottom of this notecard. There is also a landmark to Chapter 1 as well.
2. Please read and then continue to Chapter 1 using the LM. The story will provide a hint to the target/object you are to purchase, to continue onward.
3. If the target/object is correct, a 'Buy' window will open. Buy it for 0 linden. You will get the items and also a notecard with a hint and LM for the next Chapter. There are 4 Chapters, so please try all of them.

Notice: Sometimes the buy option does not open if you are too far from the target and using the camera zoom. Please try to move closer when this happens.

Additional Hunt:
If you think it was easy to finish the hunt, we have a more difficult one for you. You can find the extra information in the last notecard, in the last item's folder. Enjoy!

P r o l o g u e

There are people who don’t believe in God, but if a miracle or a dream comes true, sometimes they believe in him. Such miracles are done by an angel assigned to the person in question. However, miracles don't happen too often because angels are busy most of the time, like in today's story. An angel that was in charge of a certain person received a special mission from an Archangel... For this time, you’re going to be an angel and help a dog by request.

C h a p t e r 1 : T h e M e e t i n g P l a c e o f T h e A n g e l s !

Please go to Chapter 1 (BELL Chapter 1)

On a holiday night, the Archangel called his angels to go to the Meeting Place.
The Archangel came and said: "Thank you all for coming. Let me explain about an important mission!"

The angels rounded a monitor at the center of the place, which projected a white dog.

"His name is BELL. He is the poorest dog this night. His destiny says he is going to die 3 times tonight. So we need to cast 3 miracles on him. We don't have much time left. Please go to the place. Good luck to all of you!"

Let us get ready to go to the land. Before you go there, you should wear formal wear. Angels look like spheres of light, but they can change their form to whatever they want. Also, humans think angels have wings, so let’s get wings first - just in case people may find you. You can find the wings in one of the 'Crystals'.

(Please left click the crystals around you to find the wings!)

And off you go. Port by port, notecard by notecard, find the dog or find the item mentioned, and gain bits of the holiday outfit. There are some intriguing little builds to see, and you'll end up with wings, a halo, and a blue and gold holiday robe (for men) and skirt (for women). If you participate in the additional hunt, you'll get a pair of prim blue sandals that match the dress. Well worth your time.

Even if you have to put up with June Dion's odd ideas about Christmas, and her grasp of English. (Though to be fair, her grasp of English gets better every year!)

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