Monday, December 21, 2009

and everyone is singing, I hear those sleigh bells ringing

Not much to say, more notes of passing, in passing.

It turns out Metaplace didn't gain the ground it wanted this past year--it's closing in January.

Virtual training is the future, according to Auckland medical colleges.

Copyright enforcement for ebooks is pondered on the Go to Hellman blog; the bigger questions are, will copyright protection help or hurt the burgeoning industry?

It may just be a me thing, but as we're in passing, I was terribly amused by this bit from Jacintia Odisark's profile:

If you have a princess for a slave or FC, and they get all pissed off if you check me out or, god forbid, touch me, then keep moving. Dont even rp me, and stay out of my Ims. If your unable to RP me in the capacity of a Master to a slave, other than berating and pointlessly beating, then keep steppin. I havent the time for it and it turns my stomach.

I Am sick of crazy free women and slave's developing a problem with me as a person, because their man grabbed a tit. Grow up. If you cant do this, then you may as well leave Gor, and let these crazy bitches run you elsewhere...


Hee. She sounds fun. More power to you, then. Keep 'em guessing.

SL Arts Parks covers SL Assisi; and Kelham means something, but damned if I can remember what it was, because dental surgery takes a bit of concentration from me. Flinging it up here to see if checking it out will reveal things. Or not. (Upon further reflection, I think the Kelham link relates to Sabine Stonebender and Zero Point, which ceases to exist January 25th. One more art sim gone.)

NPG is leaving Second Life; seems they think virtual conferencing is moving to the back burner, now that more efficient forms of live long-distance conferencing are available, and more stable than they once were. This won't be the last exit we'll see, I'm sure.

Microsoft is putting patent paperwork together for a new avatar generator; what I want to know is, in the virtual we don't need to look like ourselves, we don't need to have our external limits. So why do companies keep building around the physical bodies of the end user? Do enough of us really want to experience the virtual world, through the eyes, form and shape we already use?

And I hate when RL crosses into SL, but I hate sucking blood out of my face more, so I'm taking myself off to bed. I have more than adequately seen the sun in, huzzah for the dark of the year! Now we move towards light and renewal, from dormancy and decay. (And as I said on Twitter, this year my body apparently took that very literally.)

G'night. Whatever you celebrate for holidays, hope they were, are, and will be good ones.

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