Friday, December 4, 2009

lighting strikes inside my chest, keeps me up at night

Linden Labs starts a new land incentive lottery...with land that can't be terraformed, joined, paired, or apparently sold. Gosh, how keen. And it comes with a tract home that apparently lacks all charm and grace and style.

Linden Labs know us, they really, really know us. *coughs as the sarcasm meter overloads and dies*

How very odd. I kept getting this error (clicking on the pic above will bring you to more information), and the upshot seems to be too many Blogger users are trying to make new posts. I'm used to seeing this on Twitter, I'm not used to seeing it on Blogger.

Meet Miss Brigid Ashwood. She melds the world of the fae with the world of the improbably mechanical, and she does it all with style and grace. Steampunk faeries...sort of has a ring to it, dunnit?

Can't afford to buy her art and support the artist? Keep her name in mind by downloading a wallpaper or so. From mechanized hearts to Victorian scrapbooks, she's got several options.

Via Miss Terry Lightfoot, high-tech that still looks low-tech, and manages to be useful at the same time! I do agree with her, it could pass for the Sonic Screwdriver--but I'm more thinking it could replace half of our wrench set!

And from MMORPG, an article on dating in MMOs that is still relevant when applied to SL.

Updates are here on the Advent Calendar list; I'd also add a huge thank you to all of the Lucky Kitties who worked on this, and our Fearless Leader, Serenity Semple.

I'd also add that Kouse's Sanctum is keeping their Advent gifts active; so if you miss a day (or more than a day) you can go there and buy what you missed. Very keen.

And that's about it, it's a slow news day.

(Except for this, which hit a few hours later--aDIVA is now off the Advent Calendar list. Why? They got upset and took their Advent calendar down. Why? Too many people were coming to her store. That's the first merchant I've heard ever complain about traffic. Of course, it could be that she doesn't want more than her group members to see her gifts, because she might have copybotted more content, like she did before. An ethically blurry situation at best.)


Emilly Orr said...

Okay, that was a first. Someone using one of my blog posts to spam keywords for something Korean.


AntoniusMisfit said...

The "hobbit home" picture that was featured in the announcement isn't the only house that will be used in the program. Residents will have a choice of themes and home types to choose from before they get their land.

I won't get a Linden Home if offered one, as I'm an oldbie Premium account and I'm very happy with my private island store land. Let the newbie Premiums go for it, as that's the target demographic anyway.

Emilly Orr said...

Damn it, I keep meaning to research more on this story, and I keep getting distracted.

I'll include whatever I find in a follow-up.

Anonymous said...

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Emilly Orr said...