Monday, December 21, 2009

I want your leather-studded kiss in the scene

Miss Kay Noble had a question about a previous entry. She asked:

Currently, you are the first one who did not get the tools, or should I say, did not find the button "get tools" on the sell page. Maybe it is not clear, which may be possible.
I am curious, can you put the pictures you get in your blog when you click the link thereafter (the one in the bold text)


Cariama,shopping,second life

The login page of Cariama (remember: click each cropped image for the full-size image. When I make references to anything, I'm generally making reference to the full-size image). I'm assuming one can do at least a bit of this without being logged in, but at some point, not being a logged-in user might work against one.

(Also, yes, I know, I function with a great many windows open most of the time. Generally Gmail, Twitter, one or two Blogger pages, whatever I've come across on YouTube, lyrics sheets, whatever else has caught my attention of an evening--nine isn't bad, some days I've had fourteen.)

Cariama,shopping,second life

This is mostly here because it makes me twitch. It's not a big coding glitch, and if one works mostly alone, it's not a big deal, but I and other net denizens tend to get slightly wary when the password field is unmasked.

Cariama,shopping,second life

The welcome page for Cariama; I'm assuming it's also standard, and what everyone else sees. But here is where it starts to go odd.

Note something I didn't notice the first time out: Firefox has prevented this page from opening a pop-up window. I wondered if that had anything to do with it. I enabled popups from Cariama.

Cariama,shopping,second life

From here, as I did earlier this morning, I clicked the "how to" tab at the top of the screen. This is exactly what I saw: a list of "How to" topics, starting with how to get the tools package, containing the CBox and CViewer.

I clicked the top link on the "How to" page.

Cariama,shopping,second life

And this is what I saw. A mostly white page containing these words:

You need to place and link inworld a CBox first before going further. Please get the tools from the right menu, thank you. More information can be found in How to.

And that's it. Maybe it's a translation error? I can't go beyond this point. I click the How to page again, go to the direct link--I get the all-white page again:

Cariama,shopping,second life

And so it goes, around and around.

Now, one thing did change--when I went back in just a few minutes ago, to verify the "How to" page link, I got a little popup window that asked me to verify whether I was above, or below, eighteen. I verified that I was above, it closed, and set my session to Mature. Go figure.

But that's all that's changed. And your guess is good as mine, as to where on Cariama one can find their vendor packages. Because they're hidden far too well for me.


Kay Noble said...

Thank you for the pictures Emilly.
I see why you have the problem now. The right menu does not appear on the right on your window, but at the bottom of the page due to the size of the window, you may have 800*600 or less. It works fine at 1024*768.
At the account page (when you ve logged in), at the bottom, you see a menu which begins with "Account ... Avatars ... Worlds ...." you can press the "sell" button and you come to a new page. Again, the right menu is at the bottom of the page "Sell .... CBoxes....CVierwers ..." and you can press the "get tools" button to received the tools package.
Sorry for the inconveniency it has brought, I need to reformat depending the size of the windows.
If you encountour other problems, do not hesitate ;)


Emilly Orr said...

That's where you're wrong.

At both the bottom of the account page, and the how to page, there is nothing but the browsers the page is designed to look good in--which appears to be all of them.

There are no "Account/Avatar/Worlds" designations, and there is no sell button.

My current screen settings are 1024x768. Which should be, as you say, large enough to glimpse anything hanging out at the edges...but it's not there.

Not for me, at least.

Kay Noble said...

On the account page ( when logged in, do you see somewhere a menu like the one displayed on the first picture of the How To page just after the text "...will be created in your inventory, there you will find a notecard, a CBox (copy and modif), a CViewer (copy), and the landmark of Cariama's headquarters. The dropped Tools Package can then be deleted.".

You should have somewhere a menu with "Sell .... CBoxes:0 CViewers:0 ....." on the sell.php page.

Kay Noble said...

You are not alone ;)
Someone else had the same issue, seems that Firefox 3.0 is not friendly with Cariama.

If it is possible for you, I would suggest to update Firefox or use another browser.

Candy said...

Tangentially, Miss Orr, You blog keeps locking up my browser on IE6 now - Firefox 3.x seems fine.

I'd like to know how this process goes with Cariama - I seriously need a new off-world shop-space, and MVX is... lacking (though I didn't have nearly the problem setting up you did!)