Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I notice that my opponent is always on the go, won't go slow, so's not to focus, and I notice

Presenting the Turctopus! Everybody gets a drumstick.

And your level of toxic cute for the day. Don't overdose, now.

This has to be the stupidest idea Harlequin's ever had. And boy, are they hearing about it in spades--so far, three separate organizations of professional, published writers have declared sanctions against Harlequin.


Ever thought of playing an elf that's a little bit farther away than the rest of the pointy-eared better-than-human types in various MMOs? Convince your favorite MMO to take one of these suggestions.

I particularly like the concept of vegetable elves. That's just funny.

Runes of Magic is doing an Advent calendar; each day they'll make one more door clickable until the 24th, giving viewers the chance to see--and download--specialty backgrounds and concept art. Neat.

On the grid, there's a ton of advent calendars starting, too. Here's the Big Long List of Everything that Lists Currently, courtesy of Serenity Semple and the hardworking members of the Lucky Kitties group.

A.L.B. Dreams Fashion
Ali & Ali Designs
Adrasta Tattoos (every day the item changes; and it's now hidden around the mall)
Animate This
Baby Monkey Shoes
Beverly's Jewelry
A Christmas Carol in Terra Solaris
Damiani Fashions (group only; group is currently set at L$300 to join)
Donnerwetter X-Factory on the Island of Shyna
Extravagant Plants
Fairy Unique Designs (must be in group and have title active to participate)
Flowers at Life of Dreams
G&N Quality Designs
Heavenly Treasures
Ivalde (must be in group)
Joanne Capra's in DeCuir Creations
=kAsHaN= Design
KOSH and Concrete Flowers (will alternate each day between KOSH and Concrete Flowers)
Kouse's Sanctum in Avilion Vale (between L$1 and L$50 each day, wavers between gorgeous velvet gowns and jewelry)
LaRosa Fashions
Lilypads in Newport Keys
Locke Couture
Lois Designs at Splendour Lyonesse
Mondira & Viviane Fashions
Moon Dance Designs Jewelry
NADAS Fashion
Nanashi & Yesss at Nordic Woods
Never Ever & Robbish
.::NOSOTR@S::. Designs
Paw2Paw Nekoshop (go in the front door, then turn to the right into the side room)
Prime Furniture (each day, one item in their store will be marked down to free status; you have to hunt it out)
Rare Bliss
Santa's Secrets
Home of Sanu (tricky this year; you have to join the subscribe-o group or the in-world group OR the Flickr group, and check the notices; you'll get hints each day on how to find the gift)
Selina's Design
Sille Design
SLC Fashion
SoLo Creations
Stitch by Stitch
Sway's Creations (it's a hunt, and complicated, involving tracking down candy canes and giving trains keywords you've received, but...it's on the list)
SY Designs
Tasha Designs
WhoNose in Starlust (sometimes a freebie, sometimes a cheapie, depends on the day)
Winter Spirit
XTreme Desires

There are likely more, and you're welcome to send me info either on this entry, or as a notecard in world, so I can update this list, and I'll be following the Kitties' progress through the month. The only one I've been to, so far, is Kouse's Sanctum, whose gift for today was a lovely snow-white minidress, with poinsetta ribbon details. It's charming.

And I'd trust anything Sanura Sakai puts out, just 'cos she's Sanu. Goes without saying, practically, save I said it.

Wau. More recursive than usual.

Finally, you may have noticed a new addition to the sidebar. Yes, it's from Amazon; yes, ordering things from there will give me some small store credits that will add up, at some point, to an Amazon gift card, in which case I can likely go in and find cool stuph and get it sent to my house.

Yep, that's it, that's the sales pitch. I'll try to keep new items rotating in and out; if you see something you want, consider ordering through the link, rather than Amazon direct; but it all goes to Amazon, eventually.

About once a month, I figure I'll mention it; likely even less pressure than this one, which was very nearly comatose with the lack of selling frenzy.

You're welcome. :)

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