Sunday, September 7, 2008

show me the way to the next whiskey bar

I must own this AO.

You might need to own this AO, too.

I think I started laughing uncontrollably at "SEE THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE..."

Just go to Sine Wave Island and pick one up. I plan to. :)

Canimal not only has new boneyard shoes (they look damned cool, they really do), but one of the weirdest av toys I've ever seen.

Tired of carrying around a mouse, a fish, a lightbulb (yes, all things in my inventory)? Now carry a bag of blood!

Don't ask me why any self-respecting vampire, ghoul or zombie would carry one around like this. But on the other's kinda cute.

At some point, I have to go through my shoulder pets folder. At present I have a small zombie, a ghost hand, crystal dragon, an angelic egg (complete with wings and a halo), a nigh-zoo-full of shoulder-sized animals (including two different mice, a Himalayan panda, cats, grubs, spiders, chickens, a monochrome reindeer and a li'l pink pig), a cute l'il Thing with Tentacles, several tiny plants and rocks, and a shoulder train.

You heard me. A shoulder train.

No, I don't know where I got the shoulder train, either.

Tonight, I finished the Absinthe & Arsenic arsenic bottle hunt.


There are twenty-six bottles to find, some hidden in very difficult places to get to, all traditionally-styled bottles of vintage arsenic trioxide tablets with dark brown glass.


(Don't match up the pic with anything in the club--you won't find it. This is one I rezzed out on the lawn at Tea & Strychnine.)

But considering it's a goth/vampire club? Dark brown glass blends in so well.


I admit, I like the art.

All in all, the people were fun, the dancers talented, the host amusing, and they're hiring. If I had more free time...

And I should bring up the Crypt Puzzle Game from Bleed Designs.


(Fawkes learns not to click on ritual circles.)

It's a tad tricky in spots, and the end room is mind-bendingly difficult...but if you win and solve the puzzle? A), you get to leave Hell (yay!), B, you get a t-shirt that said you survived (also yay), and a copyable bloodbath/shower combo (which they sell in the stores for a not insignificant amount). So it's worth the walking through.


(One of the clues? Involves fire. I got a tad bit crisped.)

Then we went back to the Raft.


We'd done several of the haunted rooms available there, but we hadn't actually walked through the murder mystery. It is quite challenging. We never made it past room three.

This is going to take some thought.


(By the end of Sunday I was starting to feel better.)

All in all, though, a mostly worthy evening. Save for the fire.

Oh, and Paradisis is having a 50% off sale. Why are you still reading this? GOOOO!


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

*Bag* of Blood?

You should get some of the bottled stuff :-)

Emilly Orr said...


I was disappointed when I found out that wasn't a new brand--


I mean, oh, ha, funny....