Saturday, September 6, 2008

hope for anything but light

(We have always had ways to communicate.)

Circling around each other, widening circles, elliptical orbits. We have ways.

Whether we want them or not, whether we listen or not. Things are said, information is exchanged, we communicate.

Now for the first time, I'm not sure of what I'm hearing. And I wonder, is it due to recent transitions, or extended absence? Have I finally lost that small subtle gift of knowing that one's heart, even at a distance from mine?

I went to Steelhead for the Consulate staff meeting. Ash Mason is the newly elected Wulfenbach Liaison to Steeltopia. I believe he was also made an honorary Jager. Might have something to do with being a construct.

(Communication, by word, by inference, weaving between the speeches and silence. Ribbon of truth, ribbon of doubt. Which face is real, or all they all false?)

I was invited back for the Wulfenbach celebration dance on Friday, later this month, and for the Wulfenbach Consulate anniversary, Saturday, later still. I had nothing near the 20th at the time, but Radio Riel seems to have lost many hosts of late. I had to pick up more shifts. Now, I'm booked.

(Is it what I wanted, though? Not to go, or to have good reason not to go? Or does it just rely on lack of staff? Is it forethought or simple ill luck?)

Last night I danced at Novem. I'm told they changed ownership, that the woman who founded the tavern was evicted from the premises. This bothers me, because that means I finally got to see it, after it's no longer in her hands.

(Side glances. Side comments. View through a tarnished mirror, over the shoulder and down. What is real? What is imagined? What isn't my imagination?)

Today I'm told to make a change. And it's not even one I disagree with, on the surface. But it took incredible courage to make that change. I was literally shaking with emotion afterwards. All from the click of a button.

Reaving. Parting. Dissolution, even. All these things.

(Maybe we are still communicating. Maybe we're just not saying anything the other one wants to hear....)


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Novem where exactly, Fraulein Emilly? I must determine if I'm being told two completely different stories, or this is the 'other place' mentioned.


Miss Lily said...

Miss Orr--I had heard that you were at Novem on Friday night. I'm sorry I missed you. I am on a break. Due to some stressful unpleasantness at our previous location (before we moved, happily, to Winterfell Laudanum), I have decided to concentrate on RL, and limit my time in world (as much as an addict can, of course). Lulu Seetan is still owner of Novem (I still own the land), and Lulu has brought in AliceWendy Bookmite to help run the club.

Lulu and I created Novem with a unified vision, so I assure you that the club you danced in was the club she and I created together. And I'm confident that her choice of Alice as her new right arm is a good one. Keep going back! ~Lily

Emilly Orr said...

Baron: I was told Fort Novem in Winterfell Laudanum. I've only (and only recently!) heard the tale that Mme. Nightfire has stepped back from active ownership.

But that may be wrong...

Mme. Nightfire: I did have fun, in spite of not seeing you. Miss Bookmite and Miss Christensen seem capable, Nova, of course, is always wonderful, and Gematria I'm getting used to, in her changed form. She is ever and always capable as a hostess.

SL addiction? Noooo, of course I'd understand nothing about that... :)