Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm just sippin' on chamomile, watchin' boys and girls and their sex appeal

I can't decide if this is genius, or a travesty. Maybe it's both; who else would ever think of mixing Gilbert & Sullivan, Pirates of Penzance, and Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back? (Besides Jonathan Coulton. And even he didn't toss in Gilbert & Sullivan.)

I don't normally advertise item camps, but this one gets in for two good reasons.

One, it's part of the chain (five sims; when did SICK become five sims?!?) of SICK, in sick2 to be precise, and SICK in any sim is a marvelous post-apocalyptic build, with fun little back alleys, piles of end-time junk, decaying neon and poseballs scattered in the strangest places.


(Very powerful fan. Sometimes you need to be careful when clicking random poseballs.)

Two, of course, is, in just fifteen minutes of rotating in space, you too can have your very own anti-gravity AO.


Of course, the instructions are bound to be in Japanese, but hey, that's what Babelfish is for. And, in-world, Simbolic.

I favor this new trend, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I find myself in need of a few extra Lindens more often than not, but frankly, camping for money--doing nothing to earn it but stand there--or, more often, sit in place--it always struck me as wrong, somehow. Or at the least, tacky.

Camping for things? Bring it on. One chooses where to camp, what to camp for, and then spends the time washing floors, scrubbing windows, sweeping--or, at present in sick2, camping for a chair inexplicably made of junk--falling forward on one's face every minute or so--really, whatever the maker wants one to do. In this instance, I am exchanging time--which, these days, is valuable to me, I never have enough of it--for an item; exchanging service for goods. This makes sense to my brain. And I feel I'm earning it, somehow.

Just remember, with these two (and all the other) item camps, they won't kick you when you've earned the item. You have to count the time off and stand up. (The AO goes for fifteen minutes, remember, and the chair wants twenty-five.)

In other news, it's been an odd few days. Two of them were spent battling zombies in two separate sims. Digital Hollywood's hunt is over, so I'm fairly sure the zombies went back where zombies go...on the other hand, Nipponbashi's Dead Shot is still around. And still fairly thrilling. (Here's an excellent explanation on why. Though now I'm willing to bet the strange red objects have been replaced by what we faced two nights ago--ravenous chimpanzee-like multicolored feral men with knives!)

One night I spent dancing at Le Cimetiere for their third anniversary party. The swag package was worth going for, a lovely collection of fetishy boots and fun necklaces, and a near life-size voodoo doll box--but the best part was just touching base again, in an odd way.

One of the first sims I went to when I landed on the grid two years back was Le Cim. It was one of the places I'd go when everything else got too glittery, hectic, and blinged-out (remember, two years ago, I was on the mainland). I doubt they remember me from anyone, especially since I'd hang out in the darkest corner of their cemetary dance club. I struck up a few conversations, but for the most part, Le Cim was my escape from the world of being perpetually perky and blonde.

Yes. For most of my career dancing at Enigma, I was blonde. Reel in horror now.

I went there when I tired of sunshine and beaches, I went there when I tired of smiling every three minutes. And they never failed me.

So it was good to come and dance for a bit, in celebration, in commemoration, in tribute and triumph. I hated missing the first part, but I was overjoyed I didn't miss it all.

Also--though this will make an appearance on the shop blog when we're ready, we recently acquired a small parcel in Regency. We still anxiously await the arrival of neighbors with torches, but we're doing our best to be unobtrusive.

There's not much out, until we open, but we're slowly putting things together. Kartiny is still upstairs, Autogenic Alchemy is still downstairs, and there are Caledon postboxes by the front entry to drop notecards or IMs for Mme. Allen or myself.

There will doubtless be some sort of party to announce our arrival formally. Until then, look for the Octavia Tower near the docks. We're No. 3.

Oh, and on this question, Fawkes, since I didn't answer it in world? Normally my answer would be anime, but for that particular game, the CG actually looks better. So I have to say the CG animated version would be my choice.

Not that I know anything at all about the game...


(Upon reflection? I love my new chair. All thirty-eight prims of it.)


turnerBroadcasting said...

No. Not that you know .. anything at all about the game...

Speaking of which I am now officially a warcraft addict. There is just something hugely satsifying about popping will of the forsaken in a battleground and then taking down the person who tried to kill you.

As opposed to standing in SL trying to move 20 meters without lagging or seeing the battleground crash.

I'm not violent mind you...
I just have a strong tendency to enjoy worlds that rez and pan instantly as opposed to a 2 second delay.

Emilly Orr said...

What a massive trade-off, though. Constant enforced downloads vs. irregular (like, non-daily, sometimes non-weekly, occasionally non-monthly) downloads. Everyone looks the same, vs. tremendous variety of personal appearance. No one can rent a home, vs. not only renting a home, but owning a spot of virtual land.

I'd also be willing to bet cuddles in WoW? Likely nonexistent.

If I want to kill bad guys, I get out Diablo II. Otherwise? I'm good in SL.

Neome said...

Would this be a bad time to point out that we are actually at No. 2?

Emilly Orr said...

Ooh, really? I could have sworn we were three. I shall correct that.