Tuesday, June 26, 2007

with her hooks and her grace

Did a bit of digging through past history today. Still working on occupying the mind, you see, and it's being a tad disobedient. But I read through a lot of old posts, and...

...it's morbidly amusing. Again, appreciate the irony here. The last time I felt like this? It was February. February.

February was such an intense point. Limbo? Forget it, I was too busy for limbo. I was founding relationships, working two careers, living in two different sims, and picked up what will eventually be a slightly lucrative gig, working to bring 300 into the world. I was on the ground running, chasing down leads, talking to virtually everyone I could think of, flying back and forth across the whole of the grid seeking out products that might hopefully work...and in the middle of all of it, in the middle of the month, tragedy struck. And it kept up, ungentle simmering, until the end of the month, when complete emotional breakdown occcurred. And it staggered me more than I ever admitted, to my employers, to most of my friends, at the time.

Oh, the denizens of Steelhead City knew. Whether they'd connected the dots or not, the day it happened, I showed up dead and autopsied, and the demon showed up human, and...there's really not much more to say, there. It was pretty obvious. I tried, I tried to change and look normal, and I'd just...frozen in that form, I couldn't leave it. So...subtle? It wasn't.

But these four intervening months, I've been steadily climbing away from that frozen dead feeling, and I thought I'd finally achieved it. Now I'm right back where I was four months back.

On the plus side, the 'form freezing' this time around seems to be limited to my pale kitten. Which obscurely flashes me back to the mourning days, over the lost princeling.

Schmuck that his current flavor can be at times...

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...oh, that? Yeah, that's a work in progress. That's my first ever coin belt, and it will be made into, once I'm done, a fifteen-piece outfit.

It's easily the most complicated piece of attire I've ever put together. And I really don't think I can list it for more than $L250.

My own insecurities as a designer notwithstanding, however, still wrestling with ephemera. Oddly.

Oh, and the Upstairs at Dorian Gray's opened.

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It's actually not a bad little set-up. Of course there were technical glitches, and the space is still much too white, but..my boss did a fabulous job of putting up bright, vibrant portraits, throw rugs in warm jewel tones, a cosy little bar area, tropical plants, a slideshow painting with images of the dancers...

Plus, upstairs, there's a big changing room, there's a training room, and there's two private dance rooms. What more can a gentlemens' club want?

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And at the end of the day? The "DG Head Kitten" became one in truth. This is never not going to be funny.


Stiv Rych said...

Ok kid, srsly, "and it will be made into, once I'm done, a fifteen-piece outfit." Is that even possible? How can you wear 15 different articles of clothing?

emillyorr said...

Actually, I have 22-piece items of attire, with the flexi bits on the shoulders and the wrists and the laces on the gowns and the ribbons and the bows...and I have 28-piece avatars (witness, the JELLOS).

However, this is not that. What this will be:

* Bodice
* Glitchpants for long skirt
* Tap pants
* Underwear
* Long skirt
* Short skirt
* Green stockings
* Harlequin stockings
* Gold coin belt
* Harlequin flex skirt
* Harlequin flex skirt w/copper
insert panels
* Flare pants
* Green lace sleeve ruffles (right)
* Green lace sleeve ruffles (left)
* Green lace chest ruffle

Fifteen pieces. Of which you CANNOT wear all of them together, but hey.

I may even toss in a bolero jacket, and raise my price. :)