Tuesday, June 19, 2007

so what's it gonna take, silver shadow believer?

[This journal has never been a place where I address concerns of the larger world, by and large. On rare occasion, it does happen. This might be one of those occasions...]

So, moving towards yesterday, I was keeping a thing mostly private. In this second life, on the grid, the date I arrived is July 10th--which is coming up in less than a month, and yes, there will be a party, I just have to decide whether or not it's going to also announce the opening of Taiyou in Steelhead.

But off the grid, just a little past limbo, I have another arrival date, which was yesterday. For personal reasons--some of them centering on the fact that off the grid, in that first life, it wasn't expected I'd survive to this age--I hadn't made a large deal about announcing this day of birth. I was...somewhat completely whelmed...that I was walking around at all.

That, in itself, was celebration enough, I felt.

But--in the course of conversation with certain individuals--I did mention it, now and again. And here's how it plays out from there.

I told Sir Edward Pearse. He is a very close friend, I was witness and 'best man' at his wedding, we talk a great deal about virtually everything. He thought about it, and thought, yes, this deserves wider exposure. So he told his new bride, the Lady Christine McAllister Pearse.

She thought about it, and thought, yes, this deserves wider exposure still. So she told the Sheriff of Steelhead, Fuzzball Ortega.

Fuzzball thought about it, and told every citizen of Steelhead.


So all day long, I kept hearing from close friends, Steelhead citizens, Caledon citizens, getting well wishes, gifts, and compliments I'd never anticipated receiving. I was more than whelmed by this, I still am.

Among the many gifts I received, some few did stand out, as always. Lady Christine gave me a lovely ornate vase full nearly to bursting with tea roses, and I'm currently plotting whether that's going on the mantel of my home, or the mantel of Taiyou. Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel found a lovely vintage chaise lounge in antique rose velvet with gilt trim, and it's so very plush and comfortable.

My landlord and dear friend gave me a large card that plays the Beatles song "Happy Birthday". This tickles me. His lady wife offered a scary number of sculpt maps which I will now have to play with. My boss at Amat needed my presence at the club, and, when I did let it slip about the birthday thing, she graciously allowed me to dance there--as neko, not human.

And Lord Bardhaven and my neko lad both gave me beautiful items of attire...that I cannot wear in public.

::laughs again::

Thank you. Thank you all. I am humbled and astounded, and deeply touched, and you made a day that I spent with my heart in my throat not only full of care and wonder, but very, very fun. Here's to many more "birthdays"--and rez days! to come.


Edward Pearse said...

And there are still some textures on their way from me.

See? We luvs ya Em :-)

emillyorr said...


And, after I strangely reconfigure the home place upstairs, I need to set out Professor Sputnik's beehive.

I rezzed it out in the skybox, but...I didn't want bees trapped in the space. Even virtual ones. :)