Sunday, July 15, 2018

you should have heard just what I seen

Because sometimes, we need harsh advice with a great beat.

I don't know whether this fits with the first or not, The main points seem to be that people will no longer be able to bid on land auctions if they don't have the money in their accounts to pay for the whole purchase right then (and, to be honest, why would you bid on something if you didn't have the money to buy it in case you win?), and incredibly fast land transfers (that 'within the hour' line). At least the latter could be good; I've participated in exactly two land auctions in my eleven years on the grid, to be fair, but for both of those I had the land transferred after the better part of 48 hours had passed. Thus, speedy transfer so I can start building? That sounds like a selling point to me.

And now, today's edition of Wrong Group, Wrong Message (with the help of Google Translate).
[11:46] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: e 9 u 1
[11:47] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: Vanilla Bae (46,133,22)
[11:48] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty [Nxxx]!!
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the wrong group
Yes. It very much is the wrong group. There's another group for that.
[11:49] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: все уже (all already)
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts.
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats the group
That's the one, yep.
[11:53] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I 9 U 1
[11:59] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wrong group
[11:59] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts.
[11:59] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is wat u need which was just pasted
[12:00] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
щл (ok) ...sorry
[12:00] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its ok some ppl still not aware i guess
[12:01] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: да всё поняла...переводите (Yes, I understood everything ... translate)
[12:02] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx:
ахахххаа (ahahhhaa)
[12:02] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx:
нет у людей возможности вступить в две группы от одного магазина. места нет... (there is no possibility for people to enter into two groups from one store. there is no place ...
There is, actually, and it's so simple, even you should be able to grasp this, Miss N. First, join the group to call letters. Open a chat window for that group. Flip on your Vanilla Bae group tag and go to the store. Call the letters while wearing the store group tag. It's. That. Simple.
[12:03] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: сейчас такие..пишите на английском ахахахахах (now such .. write in english ahahahahah)
[12:03] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx:
да да (Yes Yes)
And that seemed to be that. Did Miss N get it? Probably not. And please note, before anyone chimes in in comments, I'm not calling her stupid because she's not a native English speaker. I'm calling her stupid because she's not getting how simple this is.

There is a difference, after all. The language she speaks has nothing to do with her failure to get the point (after mass repetition, on the daily, in this group).

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