Tuesday, April 3, 2018

white dog, white dog, tell me, where’s the door?

Apparently, it was quite a dangerous thing to be female in the 1880s, what with the catching on fire and all...

And now, a truly strange Scene from a Chat:
[15:57] fxxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxxxxxxx: Hi everyone. Basically I'm a true devoted submissive guy who is truly looking for a true natural dominant female to take control over me via voice. What I mean by taking control is taking control my real life via voice, I am looking for just that one special true dominant female who I can obey and make her happy with my obedience. Please im me and we can talk about this further, thank you and I apologize if anyone feels upset about my message, I don't mean to get anyone upset or mad so please don't go off attacking me after my message sent here, thank you.
...Yeah. I don't even have to identify the group, because apparently he did it everywhere that day, as evidenced by a line later. This was the wrong group...but so were all the others.
[15:58] xxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so wrong place
[15:58] Bxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: WRONG group for asking [Fxxxx]
[15:58] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seriously dude, this isn't the place to advertise for that
[15:58] Kxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: yeah
[15:58] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: totally wrong plave for that
In general, the easiest way to tell if it IS the right place for...personal advertisments, shall we say?...in a group is to pull open that group. Is the chat set for general? Yes? Don't do it. Is it a shopping group? Yes? Don't do it. Is it for a BDSM sim group? Yes? Feel free! Unless there's a rule against soliciting in chat, in which case: don't do it.
[15:58] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i would totally report
[15:59] xxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah... i think they hav rules against that in this group chat
[15:59] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they do
[16:00] xxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the kids are on spring break
[16:00] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: he does that in all the groups he can find...then gets his jollies by getting told off for it i think
[16:01] Mary Storm (imouttolunch): he will run out of groups sooner or later
[16:01] Mary Storm (imouttolunch): look on the bright side, her dosn't need 25 lindons to make rent giggles
Well, that's at least true. Guess it's an upgrade?

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