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Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

The history of the never-ending poem.

Have a brief history of Spam. No, not that spam, actual Spam. The pressed meat in a can. You're...welcome?

And now...
March 27th:
"@JimSterling I know you’re not associated with them, but any thoughts on the #ChangeTheChannel situation? Particularly as it relates to producers at Blistered Thumbs only finding out their site was shutting down when the official announcement was made?"
~~Mark Garrison (@TheoGary), asking another YouTuber and game reviewer about the drama

"For those asking about my time with Channel Awesome, here's the long and short of it. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Rocket Lawnchair (@rlcsocial), who linked the image below

"@ChannelAwesome been a fan for a while, but the offenses are undenyable. now it's on you, Doug, #ChangeTheChannel and be a better person "
~~M. Ierardist (@mikeIerardi1), asking for something he'll never get

"I will be going live talking about my early Video years where I followed Channel Awesome, wanted to become a creator and actually got to be part of their side project, Blistered Thumbs, and now the controversy that is happening #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Booze Reviews (@boozereviewsca), linking a video on his work with Blistered Thumbs

"Stuff like #ChangeTheChannel reminds me of all the internet community stuff I see fall apart and be set on fire. The fly on the wall stories I could tell are interesting and utterly forgotten by time.

"Good on the people for leaving finally. Took some of you long enough."
~~LaZodiac (@The_Zodi_Lady), commenting on all the drama connected with the channel, going back years

"Dear #ChangetheChannel

"Could we STOP harassing people who have not left yet? I support #ChangetheChannel, but please stop. The harassment is not helping convince people.

~~Thomas (@OtakuboyT), talking about some of the harassment, especially on Twitter, of producers still working for Channel Awesome

"Brad Jones has his own website, you can stop using him as a reason why you’ll continue to watch his stuff on channel awesome. #ChangeTheChannel"

~~BadMan (@DisgustingGrunt), on people who've been saying they can't see Jones, or other producers, anywhere else

"Man, #ChangeTheChannel hits hard. I grew up watching CA videos, but not gonna lie as I started learning more about y'know, LIFE, I started to get the sneaking suspicion that the company heads weren't all that great of people. Good to know I can trust my gut, but still. Dang."
~~Zoe Nissen (@ZENissen), about internet nostalgia

"@ChannelAwesome has lost far too many great creators. I wish they had been more respectable (esp in this social climate). #ChangeTheChannel @ShadowTodd @Linkara19 @TheOnlyMikeJ @MarzGurl @Phelous @thelindsayellis @Obscurus_Lupa @itstherapcritic"
~~Melizabeth (@melizabeth87), referencing all the departures

"Channel Awesome is crumbling down and Mike Michaud has only himself to blame. If the Walkers had any brains, or even balls left, they'd cut ties with him while they still can. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Ricky (@NobleAtlas88), talking about salvaging the Walkers' rep

"The more I learn about the problems at @ChannelAwesome the more upset I become. I was talking to a friend of mine today about role models and when they fall from grace in your eyes. My criteria for a role model losing my respect is as follows:"
~~David Culliton (@everyaccentguy), discussing the Channel Awesome drama

"1) Betraying values that I hold dear that I had come to believe said role model shared and could inspire me to further my devotion to
"2) Hurting those for whom I have great respect
"The higher ups at CA have checked both of those boxes and have evidently been doing so for years."
~~David Culliton (@everyaccentguy), discussing the controversy

"Their silence speaks volumes. Their complacency shows their true colours. Their blocking out of anyone who *dares* to call them out is disgusting. I wouldn't be surprised if I got blocked for this tweet. I welcome it. Just more proof of their toxicity. #ChangetheChannel"
~~David Culliton (@everyaccentguy), talking about the (mostly) radio silence from Channel Awesome

"@ChannelAwesome Even though I’d rather you guys have a Change of Heart...maybe at the very least you can #ChangeTheChannel"
~~ B-rad G (@Bradleyfoulk), hoping a message gets through

"given some Weird Stuff i've heard in the past... can't say i'm ENTIRELY surprised by #ChangeTheChannel. but still."
~~useless gay opera friend (@rodrigodipos_a), talking about past rumors

"I also find it funny that he portrays Disney as corrupt & money hungry. That's bold talk for someone currently in hot water for embezzlement, mistreatment of his staff & silencing anyone who dares brings up the accusations. How the mighty has fallen. #ChangeTheChannel #Hypocrite"
~~Nathan Milne (@milne_n), talking about the Channel Awesome Twitter feed blocking anyone who's disagreed with them

"@ChannelAwesome So, my best friend saw the game show and she legitimately thought it was a parody of you guys. A spoof. I had to convince her that it was ACTUALLY the REAL show you spent 90 grand on. I can't even imagine how proud that makes you.

~~Cinematic Venom (@CinematicVenom), talking about the game show fundraiser

"Hearing about how the CA personalities were treated is just heartbreaking, on two levels. One, I have empathy for those who were mistreated. And two, it really sucks to find out that what seemed like a great place to work is really just an abusive environment. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~B-Movie Roll-Out (@BMovieRollOut), talking about perceptions

"It would be nice to see @ChannelAwesome respond to the #ChangeTheChannel accusations. But all I see are reports of people who ask questions being blocked. Actions speak louder than words and I don't believe I like what those actions are saying."
~~UFO Sparrow (@UFO_Sparrow), talking about the blocking

"So, after a bit of thinking, I have decided to no longer support or watch Channel Awesome with everything that has come out. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Jordan Royter (@JR83709), on unsubscribing. I have too.

"#changethechannel I'm horribly sorry to the people who were affected by @ChannelAwesome's actions and mistreatment. They inspired me to want to do youtube, but their actions are just cruel. Hopefully the people who left CA find a better home without them."
~~LunarLuigi (@JackAttackToons), sympathizing with the creators

March 28th, finally:
"So you're just gonna keep ignoring the whole #ChangeTheChannel thing and act like everything's normal? Good to know."
~~Jack Nicholsonbot No.21 (@DarksideStraxus), https://twitter.com/DarksideStraxus/status/978913284370903046 about the image below

"#Changethechannel Well it is kind of ironic that @ChannelAwesome reviews a film about popular man, Gaston, who turns out to be abusive just so he can get what he wants. The mirror here is ironic, I may use this to make a point."
~~Jack Nicholsonbot No.21 (@DarksideStraxus), talking about the tweet above

"#ChangeTheChannel It is very very disheartening to hear what's been happening behind the scenes. I didn't know about any of it until Linkara left. I use to look up to CA but the rose colored glasses are off and I can no longer support."
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), talking about Linkara's departure

"It may sound silly but as a fan, I'm hurt by this. I thought they were different and it just hurts that people I had highly admire turn out to be as bad as Hollywood. Its Cosby all over again. And I kept hoping they would say something about this, apologize and move forward."
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), talking about fan expectations

"Instead, they've been blocking fans who question. Its sad and depressing for me, and I don't even know anybody personally, and people have the right to say I don't know what I'm talking about. But when I watch something on youtube, part of me is invested into some extend and"
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), continuing

"sometimes financially. And I do so hoping, they really are who they seem to be. Genuine. So when stuff like this comes to light, its a slap in the face. I support the people who left, I will continue to support the producers I watch who haven't yet, and I hope,"
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), continuing

"and boy do I hope, things change. From one former fan to CA, please hear them, hear us and become better then other corrupt industries."
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), continuing

"@ChannelAwesome #ChangeTheChannel
"We're not who we were. We change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, but we all change."
--Doug Walker/the Nostalgia Critic
~~Mr. Guy (@MrGuy63), using Doug's own words against him
And that's where I think I'm stopping this one. I may hit Aprille yet!

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