Monday, April 9, 2018

I leave the TV on and the radio, we used to talk on that phone

Before we explore the vast reaches of Twitter again, let's go over some of the new videos that have come up.
  • Movie Night's take on the history of the document and how it came to be, and her years at Channel Awesome. (Apparently the document's been updated with new information that takes it well over seventy pages.)
  • Kyle Haine's introduction of the document on his channel and beginning read and commentary (the first one clocks in at about an hour and a half)
  • Part two from Kyle
  • Part three from Kyle
And now, more tweets.
March 25th:
"@Obscurus_Lupa I used to really admire Doug. Then TBF happened. Then the behind the scenes stories came out. Followed my favs on their own channels, ditched the site, and never looked back. What a farce of management. Good on you for speaking up. #ChangeTheChannel
~~Internet Rando (@letterboxavatar) on the ChangetheChannel controversy

March 26th:
"This has been a storm thats been brewing now for damn near half a decade if not longer. I remember back in 2011 hearing these kinds of rumblings. All I can say is good on the creators for standing up for the art of film making and critique #changethechannel #Welldone"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW) on the controversy

"Just had an interesting thought; what if Doug wants this? what if he wants the site to shut down or become so unpopular it becomes unfeasable to continue? let me explain. #changethechannel"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), with a theory on the controversy

"Dougs been pretty clear he's wanted to kill off the NC for a while but his fans wouldnt let him do it. So what if rather than graciously step down; he self sabotages Channel awesome and by proxy the NC (Neither of which he actually owns)..."
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

" a means to make a clean break and put his attention entirely on his youtube stuff. a bit like the plot of the producers only without the success ending."
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"He continues running the site as normal, everyone either leaves or desperately clings on. Doug eventually announces the sites closure, Channel Awesome and the NC are canned, Doug goes on to produce the same stuff he does now without the branding or the website without the grief"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"I suppose the crux of this would fall on who owns the "Channel awesome" youtube channel...if its Doug he can just rename and roll on. if it's Mike then thats the only problem with this plan...though I Cant imagine Doug opening a new channel and not getting traffic..."
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"thats my 10 cents though...and I may be giving them too much credit here...the only mystery in all this, other than how they've been able to run for as long as they have under those kind of conditions (I feel I already know the answer to this) is;"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"what happened to the nearly 90k they raised?...that moneys just...gone. effectively... I mean...studios cost money...but not that much money...either way well done to the creators who took a stand. your a real inspiration to the industry #Changethechannel ~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"As someone who was previously a part of Blistered Thumbs, the allegations of incompetence are true and then some."
~~Rocket Lawnchair (@rlcsocial), commenting on the Blistered Thumbs website
"Channel update: News, Leaving CA and Moving Forward via @YouTube"
~~Mike Jeavons (@TheOnlyMikeJ), commenting on his departure from Channel Awesome

"Mike lays out exactly how I felt when I was a part of the site. I realized I could either continue being treated second class, or jump ship and make a damn samurai film! Glad I chose the latter. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Eric Power (‏@ericpowerup), replying to the above tweet from Mike Jeavons

"Here's my contribution to #ChangeTheChannel.

"It was originally going to be a thread but then I accidentally discarded it."
~~Guitarlove (@guitarlove6437), giving out her story of mistreatment

"If CA is really banning people for using the #ChangeTheChannel then allow me to join the party. Maybe you can raise 90,000 more dollars for a blocklist."
~~Acceptable Sized Green (@majuni0r), commenting on the observed Channel Awesome Twitter feed, which seems to be just blocking anyone who disagrees, mentions the hashtag, or comments negatively to one of their tweets

"Channel Awesome they just.... I can't... Remember how we said the featured blogger section hasn't changed in a year ? It just did. They just removed it. Nuked it. Probably cause the featured blogger left. #ChangeTheChannel @Cferra1227 @Obscurus_Lupa @MarzGurl"
~~Timmer (@Timmerjoe), commenting on the Channel Awesome webpage

"I would like to give a big thank you and a big hug to @MarzGurl, @Obscurus_Lupa, and @thelindsayellis for coming forward about the abuses that CA’s top brass had indulged in.
"I seriously had no idea about the extent said abuses reached, or how bad they got.
~~Alonso Velazquez (@ManOfDoom9000), commenting on the ones speaking out

"Additionally, I’d love to thank @Phelous, @Linkara19, @TheOnlyMikeJ, @Diamandahagan, @ShadowTodd, @ANNJakeH for coming forward about their experiences. I’d love to work with you guys someday, and Jake in particular inspired me to become a future reviewer.
~~Alonso Velazquez (@ManOfDoom9000) commenting to more of the creators
I think that's where I'm going to stop this for today, too. Twitter is not a good place to access archived content in the best of times, so I may give up on archiving all of the tweets on the topic. It was a bit much to take on.

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