Saturday, April 14, 2018

promise me you'll let me be the one, the worst of all your enemies

Couple more vids.
And I have no place in my head for this next one...from Count Jackula, who's somewhat out there in a lot of places for me, but who seems, at least, to be a rational, thinking mind: an account of his perceptions, and after-the-fact reactions, on the JewWario/Justin Carmical sexual assault allegations.
"Apparently Mike, Doug, Rob and Holly, and they kept it quiet for the sake of the victims, I hope, I hope that's why they did it...but I'm not necessarily trusting anyone involved."

And have a two and a half hour reaction livestream from Fredrik Knudsen on Channel Awesome's "response" to the whole shebang. It also includes an interview with Iron Liz that goes into the whole Justin Carmical madness.

I'm still trying to process all of this, as a fan of content reviewers, and a fan of Channel Awesome. I'm fairly sure that Tamara Chambers and Malcolm Ray, being so new to the team, are clear of any wrongdoing. (And in fact Malcolm has said, at least, that he never saw anything as egregious as the folks who wrote the Not So Awesome document, but he also makes clear that he was hired much, much later.) And I'll go out on that limb and say, barring any direct, on-paper or screencapped evidence, I'm fairly sure that Doug Walker is just an oblivious egotist for the most part. But the same cannot be said of Rob, or Holly, or Mike Michaud, who seems from every account I've heard to be a garbage person, a bully, and a talentless hack when it comes to apologies.

The whole thing is just depressing.

(And while I was dealing with all of that, and the new, terrible "reaction" from Michaud and management, this came out, which means the fallout's already started. Just...great.

(I don't think I'm in the best mindset to continue with this today. I'll pick it up tomorrow.)

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