Sunday, February 11, 2018

in the circle 'round the kitchen table

I had mentioned a lingerie fashion show happening at Sakura sometime this week, and sadly, that's not going to happen. The first mention in notices was from Debi, a fellow Blossom:
"There was talk of a lingerie fashion show Sunday night after Salon. Left a message for Lynn letting her, know I could maybe do notices and stuff.

If we are adding a runway to the stage, I will hang a couple extra lights for the event."
And then, four hours later:
"Yes - there was talk of a fashion show, but I got the flu last week and am still fighting the effects of it. All of my projects stopped, and Kimi has been good enough to do Salons for me.

I was thinking of a lingerie dance this week, but no fashion show. We'll save that for a later event.

The CDC site tells me the flu--at least in the US--has gone pandemic, which is the first time I've ever heard of a pandemic disease not being automatically fatal. It's pandemic because it's so widespread, nearly everyone has had it, has it now, or will get it soon. Ack. But, because of that, there's been a lot of under-the-weather, which yes, can and does affect SL.

But don't despair! We're keeping the idea, it's just not going to be for Valentine's. We WILL bring this idea back around when everyone's feeling better, because it sounds too fun not to do.

And we're still planning a Valentine's raffle--the winning ticket buys the interested party an hour with the Blossom of their choice--but it may premiere later in this week, or next. (The raffle ball's at Sakura already, between the bar and the statues on the side table--AKA, our dance machine--but it's not active yet. Once it is, it'll run for at least one week to give everyone who wants one, a chance to get a ticket.) And we'll likely have a dance or get-together, either up at Sakura or down at Bellefleurs, the day the winning ticket's picked.

I'll keep you updated!

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