Sunday, February 25, 2018

lay back, this is where we are

(Continued from part one.)

Okay, so obviously, I went to the wrong place. Where am I supposed to be?

Untitled (Hands) by BittsyBoo.

Red Dancer by Timo Dumpling.

Bungalow Sunset by India Canning.

Unnamed (Lynn) by BittsyBoo.

Trasparenze siamo noi (We Are Transparencies) by Mistero Hifeng (® All Rights Reserved, Cammino and Vito Capovolto.)

Untitled (Back) by BittsyBoo.

This one was confusing. It's titled, "Bittsy at North (Red)",'s signed "Aleriah 2018"? I'm confused.

[16:19] Emilly Orr: So, Lynn gave me a landmark for a gallery exhibition that Bittsy threw together. It's not just her, it's shots from a lot of the Sakura women. But she set it up in a maze.
[16:19] Matthias Whiteberry: oh!
[16:19] Matthias Whiteberry: i would love to go
[16:22] Emilly Orr: It's...odd. There's a lot of different ways to display paintings, but in general, making them harder to see is uncommon.

It's good work. It's all good work, though there doesn't seem to be a single unifying theme in either the gallery, or the maze. Not that there needs to be. But the maze concept itself is...puzzling. I finally gave up on the maze as a maze, and simply stood on the deck at the far side, and cammed through, because if I relied on my point of view walking through the maze, I was going to miss everything but the walls, and what's occasionally in the walkway.

I don't know how long it's going to run; if I find out, I'll update this entry, or link it to a new one. But it's through this weekend, at least.

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